How do you stop yourself from buying EVERYTHING?

  1. Apart from the obvious factor of money, I can at times find it very difficult to hold myself back from buying every bag that I think looks gorgeous, irrespective of whether it really matches my style.

    I would love to streamline my look into something more classic, but every time I go shopping my desire for something NEW takes over. The result is that I have a hodge podge collection of soon-to-be passe bags that I thought looked good at the time, I still have feelings for, but are now only memories of the fun times we used to have.

    If a handbag is a tool for making you look more stylish, at what point is the pursuit for style overtaken for the lust for a new handbag conquest?

    Sometimes I think I would be more chic with a well edited collection of five bags rather than swimming in a sea of the latest trendies...

    I feel that there is nothing less appealing in an outfit than a mismatched handbag that is worn only because it is impossibly cute!

    To be clear, my style is very simple. I wear mainly beige, black and navy, with a few pastles. I mainly wear vintage style YSL suits and little cotton prada-esque dresses for casual. I think I would benefit greatly from getting rid of all the Gucci and Fendi stuff that is fun, but not really me. I just need some moral support! I really prefer a more structured bag, but have ended up with a large collection of hobo bags ... god I have to streamline!

    Perhaps bags are like men, you need to be faithful to your style once you have found it rather than running after every single nice little piece of ass (or croc or chevre) that comes along.

    Does anyone else have the same problem?

    Perhaps I am too harsh?

    I can feel an eBay clean out coming on ... It will be hard to say good bye to all that beautiful leather, though.
  2. I understand that overwhelming desire to 'get it' right then and happens to me with lots of things, not just bags. Some people have an obsessive compulsion with shopping and others just love and enjoy it. I fall a little more on the compulsive side. So I have to be very conscious of how I'm feeling when I go shopping. Am I depressed? Am I totally carefree? Not the best times for me to shop. I need to be in a more analytical mood to shop. Do I need the item I'm looking at? Is it something I've been looking for? Will it last for a long time or go out of style?

    I'm big on buying classics...items that will be in fashion no matter the trends or fads. Every once in awhile I'll fall off the wagon (so to speak) and buy something just because it's 'must have' at the moment - but I usually regret it.

    Why not sell some of your more impulse buy purses and use the money to focus on some classic, functional, and of course gorgeous purses. :smile:
  3. I have an anal need to slough off everything I don't need. so if I don't use it, it goes! I have a bag for work, and a bag for everyday stuff, I would like a structured bag (MJ Hudson/Trish?) and a chanel reissue. Other wise I'm set. Accessories on the other hand..
  4. bad question to ask me as I am total shopaholic and just have to have it - I need help I know
  5. In all honesty, lack of money helps a lot LOL!!!
  6. I have no control. Can't help you, except to buy stuff off you when you sell your beauties.
  7. I try to only buy one bag per season and make it a really hi-end, classic bag that will serve me for the next couple years at least. I also try to fill in the spaces in my collection that are missing...trying to only have one bag in each catagory. Any duplicates, I give away...
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  10. I really think about what I have and will it match, is it over kill.
  11. I have hardly any control when I shop....sometimes I find only taking a certain amount of money out and leaving the rest at home helps...
  12. "Perhaps bags are like men, you need to be faithful to your style once you have found it..."

    Men are like bags. When you stumble upon a certain brand, you find yourself falling completely in love with it. Then there are certains seasons where you absolutely hate the **** the come out with, but it doesn't mean that you love the brand any less. Just like men.
  13. ITA. I take a good look at the bags in the store and see if they're "me"..then decide how much I'll actually end up using them. I don't like to waste money on things that will just sit.
  14. I'm no impulsive buyer at all. When I decide I need a new bag, I do a lot of researches on the net (and this forum helps a lot!), whole days of shops sightseeing, I think carefully if the bag would suit my wardrobe, if it will last in the years and if i can wear it all year long. And, of course, if it's in my budget.
    Rebecca is right, buying items, even cheap items, that will just sit in your wardrobe is a waste of money.
  15. Aww have you read the Shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella? They're a fun read IMHO, not therapeutic though:rolleyes: