How do you stick to a CL ban?

  1. Silly question and I expect responses along the lines of "I dont" :p, but in times when you know you HAVE to stick to a ban for financial reasons for a few months, what makes it easier? Do you stay away from department stores completely and not login to eBay and this forum? Or does browsing in stores and looking at everyone else's new purchases help fill the void?
  2. Seeing whatever I am banned from in stores, on line or on tpf just makes the ban worse. THis forum is so enabling. I think sometimes I think that I am using monopoly money until DH sees the bank statement and I get a big:lecture:. Nothing feels worse, honestly than "the lecture"

    I have to stay away, I should be staying away right now, but I have been snowed in since last THursday and I have used all of my restraint not to shop online, but I am just about at my breaking point.
  3. If anyone knows the answer to this please tell me!

    I started this week on a 'no new CLs until April' rule and today that's beome 'no new CLs except the 2 pairs I am currently watching on eBay'.

    eBay is the source of all evil for me as living outside London in the UK I don't have so many local stores that stock CLs. And of course you ladies keep putting temptation in my way by pointing out all the bargains!
  4. LOL That's so funny, my ban is April too....although I'm thinking April 1st whereas I get the impression hubby assumes this means he's safe until April 30th:lol:

    This was decided last night and I've already added a couple of pairs to my ebay watch's a sickness!:nuts:
  5. I'll let you know when I figure it out. I have already reached my one shoe per season limit. I am fairly satisified with my collection and there are only a few styles left that I have to have. Luckily I have been mostly underwhelmed by the springs styles so that makes it easy. However, I think I have substituted one indulgence for another as I have been busy at the sale. :lol: Fortunately though, I have rather inexpensive taste with clothes, have great restraint in being able to wait for sales and shop for clothes less frequently than shoes.
  6. i took the credit cards out of my wallet and i don't go to the department stores. i have been doing really well this month and haven't purchased a single thing. I do like to look, but know my life will not end if i dont buy shoes/clothes/handbags for 3 months.

    Plus, i figure everything i love will go on sale after my ban ends, so that makes me feel better.
  7. i think its best to try and avoid them... and when you are tempted, just try and think of the ones you DO have and should be putting to use rather than getting new ones..

    i've never actually tried this, but i've reached a point where i have to, so i'll find out if this technique actually works!
  8. haha! So true! I am seriously on a ban this time as I just bought two more in the last couple of weeks. One was a pair that were super cheap on eBay ($99 for laced up espadrilles in black and brand new!) and another was white patent decollete zeppas from onlymoda. I figured that I can now move on with my life as I finally have a pair of white pumps to wear...although I'm still watching a fabulous pair of white Dior pumps and hoping that they're still around on eBay in a couple of months when I can lift my ban.

    Except for the pair of Dior sandals that I'm also watching and super cheap right now. :p
  9. coming in to this forum won't help you...we are enablers:lol:
  10. I've been really successful at not buying any of the CLs I've been wanting, actually. I haven't bought any new designer shoes in a month, now. That's the first time I've been able to say that in almost 2 years. I purchased an Hermes wallet this month, so I decided I'd lay low for a bit. Plus, I've been on a few ridiculous vacations (think luxury resort) in the last 2 months and am headed on another one next week!

    I think being able to justify trade-offs in my mind has helped. If I didn't have that kind of mental game to be playing with myself, maybe I'd have a harder time
  11. Or actually, maybe a better answer is that I simply want a few other things more (and I already have a lot of shoes!)
  12. I am sooo happy reading all your answers! Im very glad im not the only one that is crying seeing the statements this month. Between Christmas presents to myself & those sales....i should be on a ban. ebay watch list is beyond long. lol
    Watching does not hurt? Does it? :sweatdrop:
  13. ^ Watching doesn't hurt at all. Usually I don't go for anything, because I convince myself that they won't fit and that I'll be up a creek without a paddle and a pair of shoes that are too big/small :p

    I usually stay away from department stores. I don't mind looking online or on the forum. I also live vicariously through other PFers who show off their purchases, and try my best to limit myself to only shopping the half-yearly sales. I absolutely cannot resist sales :shame:
  14. I am a sucker for sales also. The ban doesn't work when I see a good deal!!!
  15. Another thing that I am doing is not calling my SAs when I see some of the goodies here, i.e. python jaws and yoyos. Then I look at my checkbook and think now that I have all of those CLs in my closet, I need to keep more $$$ in the bank or I will be homeless. I want to be a rich old lady who has lots of nice shoes, not live in them.