How do YOU stay stylish in the winter?

  1. If you live in a cold-weather state like I do (New York in the winter - brrrrr!), how do you stay stylish? Which coat do you wear that keeps you warm but looking great? What style of bags do you usually wear w/ your winter coats? Do you prefer your hobo? Tote? Shoulder bag?
  2. I wear an Ivory wool coat with a red scarf, gloves, and red epi alma!!

    Or a chocolate wool coat with brown scarf, gloves, and mono alma!
  3. I think out of every season, Winter is the easiest to be stylish in! Just throw on a trench, boots or stiletto points, plus stockings and a LV bag :p Hopefully I can get a LV scarf for this coming winter - but it doesn't get very cold here where I live :sad: I love the cold!
  4. I wear a Peacoat from Banana Republic, leather gloves, scarf, and Bastille! The scarf is from the Gap and it looks like the Damier pattern.
  5. I wear a black wool coat, Burberry mini check scarf in "Winter," and....a black Prada tote! :p It's nylon and it stands up against Chicago's cold, snowy weather. I save my LVs for spring and summer because of the vachetta.
  6. I alternate between Burberry wool coat, TAhari puffer coat and a fur coat when it gets really cold. Looks like it's going to be -15F this weekend so fur it is. I wear a burberry hat and a scarf.
  7. it would be easier for me if it didn't rain so damn much...i mean the only way to combat that is to wear cozy clothes that you don't care about getting soaked (if you have classes or if you are running errands outdoors)...I think I hear people complain the most about rain more than anything else...b ecause when it is just plain cold out it is so easy to look cute with a sweater, boots and jeans, with a coat over it all!

    rain makes everything harder :sad:
  8. I wear a wool car coat, a wool sweater underneath, a hat and chunky scarf, and a pair of boots. I have a really nice wool tote bag from Banana Republic that I sometimes use.
  9. I think the most important thing is a stylish coat with a flattering fit. I only have one down coat and a) it's not puffy b)it's very fitted in the waist and c)I only wear it when it's below zero. My other coats are wool blends. I heard a stylist say once that a coat is the best winter wardrobe investment, because when you're walking around outside, it's the first (and sometimes only) thing people notice. It doesn't matter how cute your outfit is underneath; if the coat is big and frumpy you WILL look big and frumpy, KWIM?

    My winter outfits consist of a great coat, jeans, a warm top, whatever shoes the weather permits, and accessories. I just use whatever bag looks good with the outfit. Also, If I'm going out and it's cold enough that I need a hat/scarf/gloves I wear a pretty scarf, but I wear a simple matching cashmere hat and simple matching gloves in leather or cashmere. One of my pet peeves is when people have on an otherwise cute outfit, but then they throw on a random hat, gloves and scarf that don't match or go together at all. IMO cold weather isn't an excuse to dress/ look bad :shrugs:
  10. I find winter way easier to dress for than any other season. A coat does wonders. Every summer, i'm stuck on what to wear... jeans and something everyday.
  11. I must admit, I find winter fashion so frustrating. Dark colours, chunky clothes if you want to stay warm... I cheat by wearing summer clothes (cute shirts, t-shirts and dresses) and pair them with winter accessories like gloves or a scarf... and, of course, a really well-cut coat to throw over the top. It's terrible, but I usually freeze over winter because I insist on wearing "cute" stuff over "warm" stuff LOL
  12. The best thing I ever bought for winter was my pea coat. I'm in college and if I ever have one of those days where I don't feel like getting dressed (haha) I still look pretty put together with my pea coat on even if i'm wearing sweatpants. It has such a classic look to it (the coat itself...not a coat and sweatpants...oh boy).
  13. i have peacoats and trench coats.. i often wear the longer coats with stockings and heels, oh yeah i tie my scarfs in a cool way.. lol
  14. Coats, coats, coats! beautiful well-fitting stylish coats. I own so many coats. In fact I am as obsessed with coats as I am with bags. A beautiful coat, great pair of boots and a great bags and you are warm and stylish.
  15. i live in ny as well..
    i wear a wool coat with a nice scarf but when the weather is super cold ill change that for my spider jacket.

    I usually wear dark colored bags (for the past month its been a prada bag), but now im getting the damier speedy 30 so thats the replacement

    to school ill wear my uggs and to go out ill wear a nice pair of boots (=