How do you stay fit with your baby?

  1. I am trying to tone back up after pregnancy and had been taking my daughter on long walks during the day, but now it's getting chilly (not too cold we're in houston) and she's awake during the day so she cries up a storm if I don't hold her. Holding her and walking is not really feasible because she weghs 15 lbs and I like to walk 7 miles but I feel inhumane letting her cry during the walk (she's fed and changed-but wants to be held).

    Working out in our home gym during the day is hard bc wnenever she naps I have a zillion other things to do and at night it's difficult because my fiance practically passes out when he gets home so he can't watch our 3 month old while I work out.

    How do you get your exercise in/how did you trim up post pregnancy? Am I right to stop going on my walks or is it okay to let her cry (scream!)? Thanks so much, my body thanks you!
  2. Wow, that is a tough one! I know that when I was trying to lose my pregnancy weight after my first one, I did pilates and workout dvds at home during the day when she was napping or playing safely nearby. I loved the Carmen Electra Fit to Strip workout (as did dh but only because of what he thought I was "learning", lol). :p That might be something you could do indoors and in short spurts...DH also does crunches and pushups while we watch tv (I wish I were that into fitness!).
    We also went jogging in our hilly neighborhood which just melted the excess weight off (that and eating according to the Blood Type diet which really works for me) and was a nice time for us to do something on our own. I would leave my daughter with my parents for a little visit while we were gone. Do you have a relative or trusted friend nearby who could come over to baby sit while you work out at home?
    Hope you find something that works! I didn't seriously start working at getting back into shape until my daughter was a year old but once I did, I felt so good and energized. Now I know to start earlier with this next one! :yes: HTH!
  3. Thanks so much glamourgirlpink! I might have to hide those striptease dvds though or he'll get high expectations and I just want sleep right now!!! We just moved into a new neighborhood so I don't know anyone I'd trust enough to watch her and family is an hour away. The blood type diet really did work for you? What type of food did it recommend for you? I'm worried they'll recommend stuff I don't like! Wish I had the cookie and donut bloodtype:p.