How do you stay fab??

  1. I am looking for tips on what you moms out there do to stay fabulous. Lately I have found myself on that slippery slope to boring housewife. My other issue is that at 38 there are just some trends I cannot pull off anymore--not to mention that I am still nursing and have rather large teta's.:smile: I have been staying away from the sweats lately but feel like my style is so lost. Thanks..:heart:
  2. that's why I LOVE bags! LOL!
    They always fit and always look good!
  3. I keep touch with my friends and have stayed active in my social life (even if it is small!). I also go to school, so I do have to really get dressed everyday and that helps me to slip into the "housewife" thing :smile:
  4. I just got my hair done last week and it did wonders for me. I did a cut and a new color (I didn['t color during pregnancy). I feel totally FAB for the first time in a long time. It's put some spark back in my marriage since I am feelikng confident and sexy and my hubby and I are getting along much better since I am in a better mood.

    As Swanky said, the bags help too!
  5. :lol:LMAO...I'm going to go buy a new bag as soon as dh gets home from work!!!;)
  6. I go to the hair salon, get my eyebrows waxed, i also have big chi-chi;s do not let that stop you, and i love my high heels. STAY SEXY!! inside & out
    oh! lets not forget an FABULOUS BAG!;)
  7. We have Friday date nights and the kids get to sleep over at grandmas house. Sometimes it's just us and sometimes we take baby. It's nice to get dressed up, hair fixed, makeup on and go out for a fab dinner and movies. And we always get dessert. If we don't get dessert there, we still buy something yummy and eat it at home. It's a way for dh and I to splurge on ourselves and have our adult time without all the kids hanging around. And like Swanky said, a new bag always helps.
  8. Staying in touch with friends, and spending time with them helps.
  9. Salon visits. Shopping with my mom and occasionally she and I go for massages. This really helps me!
  10. meeting up with friends every friday for lunch, weekend dates with DH and my baby boy, salon trips every 6 weeks for hair and every 2 weeks for nails!

    and just keeping that cool mommy attitude that still shows despite whatever you're wearing!
  11. I get my nails done every 2 weeks, hair done every 6 weeks, and I don't care what others say....I dress hip an stylish!! I lost all my baby weight by working my butt off!! My son recently started Kindergarten, so I've made 2 really great friends. We've done son started tennis. My life is finally coming together. Staying at home is tough. I gave up my career, but I would do it all over again. My kids have really gained from our time together.
  12. I do all that stuff, the nails, hair, work out ect. But sometimes its how you feel on the inside too. Especially that I'm getting a little older (48) it gets harder to stay motivated. I tell myself why bother, I'm old! I know thats silly and its all in my head. I can be my own worse enemy.
  13. That's SO awesome! I need to get myself where you are :tup:.
  14. i have a self treat every week-massage, nails or facial. And when DS was 4 months i cut my hair short - love it now easy to manage and so much more stylish. I think i have completely changed my style now - casual chic. Oh, and remember to wear makeup when you leave the house-its so easy to say "I can't be bothered"-thats just the beginning of the end!!!
  15. 48 is not old. I just turned 50 this year and I don't feel any different:yahoo:. I've been sahm now for the last 8 yrs and I make an effort to try and look good for me and my family. I do my own mani/pedi everyweek. I have my hair cut every 2-3 mos. I also walk/run 20 miles a week. It's nice to hear from family and friends that I don't look like my age. Also, 2-3 times a week, I will get dressed up and go out to lunch with dh or sometimes I go window shopping.