How Do You Stand the WAITING?!?!?!?!?

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  1. I just purchased my first Ignes bag. It's only been a few days but the wait is absolutely KILLING me. I keep staring at my swatches and going through the Sofia threads and drooling over Mr. Puddles..... and still that only takes about an hour. Then what??

    So many questions run through my head....Iknow I will like it but will I love it? Will it be my perfect shoulder bag? How exciting it will be to run my hands across the suede lining! And then of course, for such a fabulous deal I am left wondering should I have ordered more than one color? With it being my first bag I didn't want to jump the gun.

    So now all I can do is wait and daydream and wait and daydream and wait.... How do you ladies pass the time when you're waiting for your new beauty? :nuts:
  2. I remember my first time waiting for an Ignes. My first order was for the Veronica Max. It was hard for about a week. I too kept going over stuff in my head like did I choose the right leathers, should I have done that modification, etc. This is in addition to the fact that I stalked Ignacio on email before making my final decision.

    I passed the time by looking at the Ignes threads on TPF plus the Ignes website. All the reviews of the bags, leathers, customer service, etc were very positive. Like it was all too good to be true. I was a bit worried that I won't like it as much when I received them. Fortunately, it was all good!

    I hope that the Sofia is everything you want when you eventually receive it. One thing's for sure though -- you're gonna love the feel of the Ignes suede!
  3. It sucks, but there are a lot of us in the same boat, so we pass the time together. Plus, a lot of us are certified shopaholics (some of us just certifiable :nuts:) , so there are always bags coming in while we wait for Ignes.

    The good thing about Ignes is that if you don't love it, you can return it no questions asked. They have a very liberal return policy.
  4. I think on the first bag, it was hard initially. Now that I am on order 4 with Ignes, it is kind of normal for me. I am not used to getting bags super quickly anymore like before.

    The waiting does stink at times, but it's really a cool process that is worth the wait. Hang in there and it will arrive before you know it. lol- in the time you have to wait, you can pick up a new hobby and have time to perfect it before the bag arrives. :nuts:
  5. The first week for the first order was LL says. But as elizat mentions, it just gets kind of normal. The first one is hardest, imo. Now I'm kinda used to it and spend time imagining other bags I won't buy ;) or watching reveals. We are a bit slow on reveals right now with the summer holiday Ignes just took, but I will help you soon as my Virginia is supposed to be done the end of the week :smile:. I haven't heard anything, but Ignacio said the end of January, so I think soon :smile:.
  6. Well that's good to know. Wow, I did not realize I could return the bag since it was customized. That is very impressive....though I am thinking I won't need to it's still good to know.

    Well, I will be looking forward to reveals from other gals and what not. When all these bags come in from the sale it's going to be pretty exciting around here isn't it?

    And lionlaw, exactly what color is Mr. Puddles by the way? Just curious.
  7. Yes, great return policy.

    I'm not LL, but I do have a bag in the Mr. Puddles leather. It is a light medium gray w/ tan undertones- I posted a bunch of pictures in the Josephine production photo thread once it arrived.
  8. Haha the waiting is torture! I swear I kept shopping while I was waiting - I knew I wanted my Ignes bags but since I couldn't have it yet I got a "fix" with something else here and there until they arrived! :shame:
  9. knas, I am so relieved that you started this thread! I ordered my bag last week and it is KILLING me!!! I sold my wine RM Nikki to fund this bag in part (I got a tinted wine bag) and now I am doubting myself...I had extra studs and braided handles put on my bag, too...and now I find myself cruising ebay for wine bags!!! :nuts:

    (Looks like I am going to do some shopping in the down time like greenpixie, lol)

    It usually takes about 3 weeks to make and then how long for shipping, btw?
  10. Yeah, how quick is the international shipping?

    Lo, I know exactly what you are talking about. I keep wondering if my strap drop was long enough....maybe I should have done an adjustable strap. Will the no re-enforcement give me the slouch I want. Should I have done a Mini and not a Midi? *Sigh* So many questions... And in the meantime I am wondering if I should add another MAM to my mix, lol!
  11. For shipping, depending on where you live, usually about a week or so. They are working with a new handling/shipping company that I think eliminates the need for the Fedex paperwork w/ your SSN- either that, or my info is still on file...
  12. That is the only way to pass the time!:P
  13. ITA. If you know other brands, it is a lighter shade than the marc jacobs mousse and LV elephant colors. It is a taupey-grey to me (more taupe than grey).
  14. At least another day has gone by...I got a few little things at BE's sale to pass the time!

    (But kept to my budget, thank goodness). ;)

    Quick question: So international shipping takes 1 wk (thanks for the info., btw!), and it's about 3 wks. for bag production? (1 mo. total wait, then?)
  15. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but yes Loquita, it is about a month to wait..