**How do you stand the wait?**

  1. OMG... I'm so happy I'm on the waitlist for the Miroir Lockits :nuts: (hopefully I'll get my greedy little hands on a gold AND silver... have to be extra nice to my SA LOL), but I don't know how I can stand waiting until JULY!

    I find myself needing, WANTING to stop by the LV boutique at least once every week, and with my hectic schedule these days, that means giving up something that *should* be higher up on the priority list! :push:

    How do YOU stand the wait??? :p
  2. My limited income, that way I'm forced to wait to buy certain things :p
  3. oh don't even get me started I'm not too bad until it's due like the patchwork denim! Where is my speedy!!! I am now calling every day as it's still not here, I know it doesn't make it come any quicker but seriously WHERE IS MY SPEEDY??!! :cursing:
  4. You girls are so funny. I am able to stand the wait b/c I barely have any money now that I am school..lol. But I always feel anxious like that when I am waiting for bday and christmas presents and it is rough. Not a fan of the wait!! One good thing - once you get it after a long wait, its much more enjoyable!!
  5. by not loving it....
  6. I am doing it by telling myself that there is no need to hurry, the Azur is becoming a permanent part of the collection. (It's not working too well, as I went to LV yesterday to inquire about the waitlist!)
  7. i don't stand it! infact this is how bad it is for me...i was going to receive a return label from eluxury to exchange my speedy for a bh but i still havent received the label so i just ordered the bh and told them when they receive my speedy to just treat it as a return...i cant wait!!!
  8. I can't stand the wait that's why I don't get put on waitlists b/c I end up spending the money!! But as for the Miroir Lockit, well I'm gonna HAVE to stand it b/c I want it SO bad!
  9. That's definately something I would do! LOL
  10. I stand the wait because I need time to save up! If I do get the Miroir lockit, it will be the very first LV that I pay for myself so it will be very special for me :p
  11. I google and print off new cooking recipes and woop up dishes to occupy my mind after work.That also cuts back eating out until.....the IT PHONECALL comes!
  12. i'm on edge right now, i have a bag in customs and hope it will be here monday.. BUT i'm going to be away all day :sad:
  13. I stand the wait by relizing that I am a broke 12 year old almost always...LOL
  14. TBH, im the only one on the waitlist for the miroir lockit, but my boutique is only getting one, I was the first person to even talk to the SAs about it. So im feeling ok, because i really dont think i will get it anyway, i think they will just give it to one of their VICs...
  15. I have to wait until probably Christmas to get a BH because I'm going through a divorce right now and I need to find a job and move. But thinking about getting the BH in the future is something to look forward to. :yes: