How do you spray applegarde "rain and stain repellent" on Giant Hardware BBag?

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  1. Dear all,
    I have been using applegarde "rain and stain repellent" on my RH bags. Last week, I just acquired my first giant silver hardware Bal and now I am not sure if it is fine to spray applegarde all over the bag, including the silver giant studs?

    Does any of you here use applegarde on giant studs? Does it make the studs less shiny or worse, tarnish the studs?

    Would appreciate if you could share your experience please. Thanks!
  2. Some gals tape over the studs before they use AG. I'm not sure if AG tarnishes the hw or not.
  3. I just sprayed it on my bag!
    and I thk after I've been using it for one year, my studs are less shiny but I don't actually know that apple guard took part in this issue or not!

  4. I sprayed AG over my hardware and it's been over a year but happy to report they're still shiny as ever.

    It's Collonil that seems to cast a dull sheen over the hardware, though you can just give it a wipe with a piece of tissue and the shine returns.
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  6. Not the same hardware exactly - but I used Apple Guarde on my Chanel - including the chain strap without any issues at all. Still very shiney. :smile: