How do YOU spot fakes?

  1. So I would still consider myself fairly new on tPF, and I'm wondering...

    What are your best tips/tricks/giveaways on figuring out if a COACH product is fake or not? I'm not really familiar with how to spot the fakes...and I really want to learn how!! Thanks everyone:p
  2. Well, we don't want to reveal too much because some fake-makers do visit tPF to try to find ways to make their fakes "better" :push:

    Some things are really obvious like alignment, the C's, and quality of material and others are harder to spot such as stitching, creed details, etc.

    As you look at more Coach bags, you'll begin to realize some really obvious signs of a fake.
  3. It's so much easier in real life for me. Photos can be so misleading, especially with the "5-star" fakes.

    It also depends on whether or not I've seen the real bag in real life. If I see a bag in real life, usually I can spot a fake even in photos.

    For me the biggest clues are in alignment for sig pieces, stitching, leather quality, and overall quality.
  4. The pleather is a dead giveaway...:throwup: Oh, and the stupid made up patches too...
  5. Oh yeah, there's also the creed. That's usually a dead giveaway.
  6. I found this really informative guide on eBay about how to spot fakes... My mom actually got me a fake one last year for Christmas, not really knowing the difference (Thanks to tPF, someone warned me that it was fake!!!) And I've been able to spot the little things that made it fake...

    What about the creed that makes it a giveaway? What it says, how its spaced, all of the above? lol
  7. Just to name a few: The stitching that holds the creed to the bag, the font, spacing, if the style no. even matches the bag...
  8. At first glance I can usually tell if that is a bag Coach has made or would make. Of course there are exceptions and Optic throws me off because no offense to anyone all optic esp the brownish ones look fake to me. If it is a style that could possibly be an older model then I look at the fabric and the hardware. If the c's are going right down the middle of the trim or turnlock in a way that is not symetrical and looks like whoever made it didn't care to line up the cs then I know it is fake this is all from far away. Then the creed if you are looking at it one of the biggest ways to tell is the dash under the number abbreviation is elevated on real bags and it is level with the "o" on the fakes. also the stitching should be even and the wording should be the same, and spelled correctly with the right spacing.