How do you spot fakes?

  1. When I read the funniest fake board.......sometimes I cant even tell that they are fake unless they are no doubt a fake! Im just wondering how you all can spot a fake! I dont wanna get burned again!

  2. What I've found is that once you own a real Coach bag, it's fairly easy to tell the difference b/c the fakes just don't look or feel right. Obviously, you can't feel them on eBay, but I know that before I got into Coach, I was clueless as to whether or not something was fake on eBay. Now (15 bags later) I can spot a fake a mile away. It's really just knowing the product, but definitely use the authenticate this thread if you're looking to buy off eBay and the thread that kallison posted is very helpful as well.
  3. ^^ agreed. My 10 yr old son and my husband can usually spot a fake. ( is that weird????)
  4. I know I am getting pretty good at it but sometimes you cannot tell from looking at the outside of the bag itself.The people who manufacture the bags will go all out to make the bags appear authentic on the outside but will skimp on the inside.

    Generally the checklist to look at when considering the authenticity of an item includes: the alignment of the C's, the hangtag, the bag lining and the Coach creed.
  5. it's hard to explain, but it's SO OBVIOUS to me from a mile away. i even got my boyfriend spotting fakes at the mall, lol.