How do you shorten the chain straps?

  1. I'm contemplating on a lizard mini (about 8"x6")classic flap at a vintage store except it only has circular holes on the top of the purse to wear as a long single strap. I love my reissues because I can double the strap, as I'm only 5'2". How does one make the one long strap appear shorter with the vintage ones? Do you knot the chain inside the purse?:confused1:
  2. Yes - I actually did something like that on a vintage patent Chanel classic flap that I have. Under the flap I brought each side of the strap together and secured them to each other with a black plastic twist tie - it's worked perfectly and is virtually undetected when I open the bag. Good luck!
  3. Can the chain on my jumbo classic flap w/ new Bijoux chain be shortened? When it hangs on my shoulders, the bag reaches my hips!!
  4. try tying something on the inside like ribbon. that'll work great. =)
  5. Thanks, Shouldereyecandy. In the meantime, I'll try to search around the forum for tips, if any. I'd appreciate it if someone can describe on how to do that and/or take pics of it!
  6. Yes, I did that too before, with my Vintage Flaps. :biggrin:
  7. ..yes, but can that be done with the new chains? mine doesn't have leather in it, just metal.
  8. ^ just thread it thru your new chain.
  9. I have the same problem haha... I posted about this before in a similar thread, and I'm sure other tpfers do this as well... just take a string (like the Chanel ribbon used to tie a bow on a box), and tie the straps with the ribbon on the inside of the bag. That way, the bag hangs and hits you in a more flattering place. :smile:
  10. yes, but my chain has no holes large enough for ribbon! or am i missing something?
  11. Ohhh no, you aren't (btw, is that an Alias reference - I seriously miss that show)!? :sad: Let me try to explain it better... on my red bijoux chain Jumbo, I take the chain straps from the inside, and bring them together... so that from either side, I have the same amount (roughly) of chain... then, I take a string, and tie it around both of the chains, so that when the string is tied, the chain has overall been shortened by the length of the tied chains inside the flap. :smile: It really makes the bag fall in a much more flattering place, and it won't hit your hip after doing this haha! :p Let me know if you have any more questions! :yes:
  12. yes, it's the one and only irina derevko! i'll try that. thanks!!

  13. ^ thanks for clarifying Minal! =)
  14. i remember seeing other members do this as well. does anyone have pics, please!