How do you shop for New Releases?


What do you do when a new item is released that you want?

  1. I'm the first on the waitlist!

  2. I'm the first at the counter when they are expected to be in stock

  3. I stop by somewhere around the release date to check them out

  4. I wait to see how others think about them before looking

  5. I may take a while to make up my mind

  6. I wait to the last minute, sometimes they are all gone!

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  1. I think many of us have different attitudes towards new released items, so thought I'd ask a poll :smile:

    Personally, I've yet to waitlist, be first at the counter, nor have I been too late for something I really wanted -- but that's a gamble isn't it? Lol so here's my poll for today .
  2. If it's limited I waitlist then call around release date to find out if I'll get it/it's put a side.

    If it's permanant I just take my chance and see if it's there when I get there if it's something I really really want I'll call before I go to see if they have it or can transfer it in.

    My store are really good for me they don't always get allocated a lot but they do the best they can & I really appreciate that
  3. If I see it and I want it I'll call right away to add my name to the wishlist. Depending on how slow/fast I am, I may or may not be the first on the list...BUT I have been first on the list for a couple of things.
  4. I'm really slow about getting new releases. I think it's from collecting LV too long. However, I do enjoy watching everyone on tPF with their new purchases!:biggrin:
  5. I operate on a very similar system. If it is a LE, than I am crazy about checking and being certain that my name is on the list, I don't want to miss out! I also will call or stop in to check to see if they will be getting any and if in fact if I will be getting one. If not I go into plan B. If the items are not limited my approach is equally as interested, but less intense! LOL!
  6. If I really want it I call in and waitlist for it then call after its been released to see how long i'd have to wait or if i REALLY want it i call around to see if i can get my hands on it.
  7. I call around for it, try to waitlist, but usually i'm at the bottom of the list, or the list is closed.......:crybaby:
    This happened when the MC speedy first came out.
  8. Honestly, this is the first season I've ever voraciously waitlisted -- and that's due to all the info on this site. Before this, I waitlisted for a cherry blossom papillon and the Vienna Klara. Everything else was just dumb luck of me wandering in at the right time.
  9. if i want it enough, like my miroir pochette, i called and waitlisted the second i had information.
  10. I'm very slow about making up my mind about things, so I take awhile. Oh well.
  11. I voted "first on the waitlist" as I call as soon as I see something I "have" to have. Unfortunately, usually told they don't have a waitlist or have no idea what I am talking about here.:cursing:
  12. Waitlist all the way for me.
    I highly doubt I ever would have gotten quite a few of my pieces had I not been on the waitlist.
  13. I do the waitlist routine now just to make sure that I am on the list of what I want. However, the first LE I ever bought (Port Epaule Raye MM from the Denim Cruise Line) I just got lucky by being there the day it was first displayed and was first on the list because they hadn't started the list until I got there at opening time. So that was pure luck!
  14. this year is the first time i've actively pursued LV items. so as soon as i hear reliable information in regards to new items, i call my SA right away. however from the upcoming items this f/w season, i waitlisted for the degrade speedy.
  15. hmm... actually more than one option applies to me...

    Say if I REALLY want an item before the launch date whether or not it's LE or permanent: I waitlist

    However, most of the time I'm pretty far behind cuz some bags/accessories don't catch my heart immediately and it often takes several months for me to decide whether or not I want the item: now I go to LV and ask my SA to hunt down Canada and France.
    Result in the end: I've always gotten what I've wanted. I don't exactly believe in "limitednessnessness" except for the miroir lockit.... which turned out to be not so limited afterall....:lol: