How do you shop at LV?

  1. I've never been a huge fan of LV but I was in Milan recently and thought I would have a look in LV. I do really like the Vernis bags and was contemplating getting one.

    So I walk into LV, I don't expect anyone to rush around me and ask how they can help, but I don't see many bags, there are a few on display behind counters, and some people appear to be flicking through catalogues.

    I wander round looking for a hidden room full of bags and end up walking out completely bemused....

    So how do you shop there, do you need to know exactly what you want before you go in? Do you ask to look at the catalogues??
  2. I always aks for something specific if I know what I want or give hints at what I'm thinking about. Then usually the SA brings out the alternatives or let you flip through a catalogue. Sometimes the SAs also make creative suggestions and recommend other things I might be interested in. It really makes the entire shop experience much more interesting.
  3. I usually ask for help and let the SA bringout options from ideas I have in mind. Or sometimes I know exactly what I want. Other times I don't have a clue what I want and just wander around for an hour until I finally decide.
  4. like the above posters have said, sometimes i go in knowing exactly what i want. but that's usually a result of doing a lot of research first (elux, tpf, but other times i ask a SA for assistance. i generally tell them what my handbag needs are and hopefully they give good suggestions. i would also recommend taking with you what you would carry on a daily basis (if you are looking for an everyday bag) so that you can try on and see what the bag's capacity is.
  5. My SA's know me pretty well, so when I get there they just start pulling out new items that I haven't seen yet. There are quite a few bags on display at my LV and it is a small store so I am not sure about your LV and why there wasn't much for you to see.
  6. There was only 1 vernis bag on display and that was in purple and it wasn't the shape I had seen before, guess I should just have asked if they had it in other styles/colours. The setup just seemed a bit weird. I was in Prada & Gucci and tonnes of other designer stores (It was Milan - I was spoilt for choice :p) and I felt comfortable looking at bags and asking the SAs for help but in LV I just felt lost...
  7. LV does not show all their bags on the floor, so they display what they can for a nice presentation.

    If you are interested in something you can speak with any of the SAs. They use the catalog as a visual reference. They are always happy to help you find what you are looking for.
  8. I thought the same too when I first walked into a LV Boutique, but I must say that every SA that I've spoken with have been very helpful. They are not on an individual commission system, so they are all willing to help a customer.
  9. Yup, sometimes, I know what I am looking for (thru elux, discussing with friends:heart:, etc) and just ask to see the piece.

    At times, I would just tell the SAs roughly what I am looking for or rather, I prefer them to let me flip through the catalogues. :p

    Then at times when I have nothing better to do or just to kill time while waiting for friends or in between appointments, I just walk in to "walk walk see see" and chat with the SAs I know if they have time (most of the time, LV boutiques are packed tho, at least the ones in my country).:smile:
  10. My SA is always there when I go in, so we look at things together. I either buy something or not. Sometimes we have coffee afterwards.

    Before I found my dream SA, I would walk around and check out the items I liked.
  11. I usually stop by to say hello to my SA and bombard him with questions (raised after I browse the PF, obviously!!) about some bags... He is great and knows me quite well so he usually advises about other bags or new releases I might be interested in. And if they don't have the product in stock, my SA will order it for me and ring me.
  12. I usually go to the store when I have something in mind. Maybe new LE bags or new accessories. Or when my SA called me to inform me that some interesting pieces have just been received.
  13. The LV store in SF is pretty big so i usally see a lot of the bags out on display so i usually just broswe around.
  14. Thanks guys for all your comments, I finally took the plunge! It wasn't so hard once I made initial contact with an SA she was flipping through the catalogue and saying let me show you this and from asking about small messenger style bags I ended up with this.
  15. wow, congrats audreyII!!! you should definitely post actual pics on the main LV forum so more people will see!! and modeling pictures if you don't mind! I want an amarante vernis too... jealous!