How do you ship worldwide from the US?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just listed a few items on EBAY and I know that by limited my auctions to US customers only, really limit my sellings; but I had a few problems in the past when shipping to other countries. I used Global priority from the USPS but they don't have tracking # then I used GLobal Express with insurance, I ended up paying more shipping fee than I charged to finally never won any disputes with Paypal for "lost items" and a few fraudulent chargebacks. The USPS for international shipment sucks too as I couldn't get refund on any of the insured shipment that never arrived. After filing for the lost items, 3 months of going back and forth to check on status of the packages, they finally told me that the products I sent to those countries are not covered by their policy!!! ( I sold jewelry). All they were able to do was to refund me the insurance I paid, the rest was for my loss!!! I lost so much and was so mad that I just stopped selling for the past 3 years. I started again a few days ago (not jewelry), but I now accept only US bidders. I've checked UPS and FED EX and their rates are too high for me.

    How do you ship worldwide? What is the safest shipping methods that you us? Thanks for sharing your experience.
  2. i will only ship internationally for anything over 50 dollars using Global express with insurance or airmail parcel post with insurance. if it's under 50 (or i have very little invested in it or have another of the same item) i will ship it global priority. if i ship gp then i usually self insure with dsi.

    i had one thing go missing to germany- it was 125 dollars and i did the buyer a favor and gave her free shipping. so i shipped it global priority. thank god i insured with dsi. of COURSE it went missing but i got all my money back from them (of course the buyer won the pp dispute). to this day- about 7 months later- the item has never come back. i do think she got it but i could never prove it.
  3. Thanks for your post. What is DSI? I will google later on about it but I didn't know I could insure outisde USPS for something I ship from them :confused1:

    I must say that I'm a little slow on a lot of stuff on Ebay.

    For your item to Germany, I have family in Europe and actually, from what I heard, their post office ' employees are not always honest, some of them steal and resell !!! Yeah, most of the time, buyers from these countries are pretty honest.
    Thanks and please other comments and experiences will be greatly appreciated!
  4. I ship insured global express, that gives a tracking number and requires a signature upon receipt, I also stick a return receipt on it, so the buyer has to sign the card that is then sent back to me.
  5. dsi is an independant insurance company. there's another one too- i forget what it's called. you can insure fed-ex, ups and usps- just one or more.

    it's a long story about my buyer but she buys and sells items from a popular tv show. she says her items are directly from the show but i saw that she bought the same top from me in another size and sold at least one of them. so i just don't know...
  6. I ship USPS global. I insure the package so if it doesn't get there I am covered.
  7. Thanks hlfinn vbmenu_register("postmenu_1254866", true); for the info.

    Jen Loves LV. Just for your info, like I said earlier if you use Insured Global Express from USPS, be carreful. That's what I used to use, they accepted all my packages with insurance, I clearly stated what I sent and for how much. They took my money as long as everything goes well until they lost my packages (status of 3 of my packages kept showing in warehouse for delivery somewhere, but never arrived...) I started the claims, it was really hard dealing with the insurance dept, took a while, they confirmed the packages were lost and my claims went to another dept who gave me the answer that according to their policy they do not insure the product I sent to the country of my shipments blah blah blah... so why did their agents took my money for somthing they do not insure???

    Nothing they can do, I fighted as much as I could, no assistance whatsoever, no return of my packages, no refund :cursing:

    So no more Global Express for me!! They are thieves!

    Ok Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I have to prepare the turkey now :yes: vbmenu_register("postmenu_1254834", true);
  8. So glad to see this thread. I'm also an ebay seller and want to expand internationally so I can get more bidders. Thanks!
  9. i refuse to ship internationally... especially when it comes to items that are worth $100 or more. it's just too much for me to risk, and not worth it. i do make exceptions for Canada, though... and i've always shipped using usps global express mail. i've never had any problems with lost packages or buyers claiming they never received anything.
  10. I buy a lot from the US - live in Italy - and never had problems with receiving my parcels. I think that the best thing to do is to send them via UPS or FedEx. I mean, if somebody *really* wants something, he/she is willing to pay a lot for the parcel. At least me. This said, I've always been grateful to those who allowed to send me things via registered air mail or whatever its name is.
  11. The only time I shipped internationally was about a week ago. I used USPS Global Express and the buyer got everything just fine. Thanks for letting us know about your experience, that way if I do sell internationaly again I can be more careful.

    I have heard that DHL was very good at shipping, and although they are expensive, I think you get what you pay for. Buyers to pay for shipping, so I think that those fees would have to be disscued prior to the auction ending. Best of luck!