How do you say "no" to the buyer?

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  1. I have been trying to sell this bag I bought few years ago but never carried. As it's somewhat limited ed/celebrity related item, whenever I list it, I'd get certain number of interested buyers. But as I'm sure most of you guys here experienced already, "watching" does not mean buying, hence the reason for the repeated relistings.

    After I relisted it with lowered starting bid yesterday, I was contacted by someone who showed interest in it the last time it was up for auction. I did not like this person as she kept asking for discount after discount and making few payments instead of a single one. And there was something else that bothered me too, so I ended up adding her to my block list.

    She's asking for yet another discount even after the starting bid is lowered than what she wanted to pay the last time. And I find it silly and funny at them same time how what she's asking for now is a discount of only $2! I couldn't help but think it's a good thing I blocked her because I do not want to sell anything to her, at whatever price.

    Now, the reason for the thread... What am I supposed to reply with? Do I tell her that she's blocked? Or should I just ignore her message? I'm guessing it's most likely she won't bid anyway. Heck. I wouldn't be surprised to have her ask for yet another discount if I tell her I'm fine with $2 discount she's asking now.

    How did you guys tell your buyers they are blocked, if that circumstances ever came? And when they found they are blocked, either by your notice or not being able to bid, how did they react? As you can guess, I am the worst with confrontations and now dreading to reply back to that buyer. Sigh.
  2. I always have buyers asking me for discounts. I normally do not give it to them. I don't know what to tell her if she is blocked. However you must have a good reason for blocking her so maybe honsety is the best policy?
  3. Good for you for blocking that buyer! To me, she sounds like nothing but trouble.

    Personally, I don't see why you should feel obligated to even respond to this buyer. You've done more than enough just by being polite and responding to her multiple messages thus far. It is your right to sell or not to sell to whomever you choose, and responding to her and letting her know that you've blocked her would probably just cause a confrontation. I would avoid the hassle altogether and just ignore her at this point. :tup:

  4. I actually agree on this. I probably wouldn't respond anymore either. She will then probably leave you alone.
  5. Definitely do not tell them they are blocked - they may create another account just to bid! I would ignore...eventually they'll move on...I've no patience any more! :smile:
  6. Do NOT tell her she is blocked -- she might decide to start a new ID or get a friend to bid just to be ornery.

    Say something like "Thank you for the offer, but I have decided to let this auction run until the end". IMHO ignoring her will just give her an opportunity to get weirder, yknow?
  7. ^ Agreed! :tup:
  8. Actually, this relates to another reason I blocked her, along with the fact she's been asking for discount after discount.

    There was another interested buyer who contacted me asking for a discount long time before, when I listed the bag back in fall of 2009. However, she did it after the auction was over (with no bidders of course) quite some time ago. I was busy traveling and such and not eBaying at the time she contacted me if I still have the bag and would sell it to her.

    When I finally got to her message and tried to get back to her (I was gonna relist it when I have time to do another round of closet cleaning/eBaying) I noticed she was a NARU. So in a way, I was glad I didn't contact her earlier about it.

    I did relist it a month or so later, she came back, with the same account she had earlier and asked to sell it at a discounted price. I mentioned of her being NARUed before and that's why I couldn't get back to her before... And it was then she stopped messaging me.

    However, that was the exact time this "new" buyer I mentioned in the original post came up. I could not stop thinking the two girls are actually same person because they both ask the same questions (nothing else than asking for discounts!) in the exact very awkward wording!! I never ever had other buyers asking for discounts in that very strange wording before. I might be paranoid but I think I did the right thing to block both buyers in the end.

    I wish this person does move on but whenever I relist, this person keep coming back. (Provided both are the same person) And urgh! I also can't stop thinking she has to be a teenager. Or at least someone with bad credit / no income as the reason she wants to break the payment into few is because she doesn't have enough "funds" in her accounts. :lol:
  9. Say something like "Thank you for the offer, but I have decided to let this auction run until the end". IMHO ignoring her will just give her an opportunity to get weirder, yknow?[/QUOTE]

    I'm with CowPrincess on this one..Above sounds great...if she decides to bid at some point (which I doubt) then she'll find out she's blocked?? I've never blocked anybody or been blocked so not sure what message the buyer gets?? But in this case it doesn't sound like somebody who is likely to place a bid..
  10. I wouldn't even respond to her at this point since you don't want to do business with her. I would have blocked her too, good call.

  11. I will just ignore her messages
  12. I would just ignore her. I was getting ridiculous offers (when it wasn't even BIN OBO) from people about my almost brand new Speedy and I just ignored them, no point in wasting my time.
  13. I would block her, too, and not respond. I would also put in the listing that you do not accept bids from 0 FB buyers (or at least not until they contact you first). That way, if she tries something with a new account, you can cancel the bid ( ebay allows this if they do not follow the terms of your sale). My "blocked" bidder list has grown alot lately, and you are under no obligation to waste your time with these flakes. JMHO
  14. "Unfortunately, the price is non-negotiable."
  15. Just ignore or say "nope". You don't even have to add "Thank you" so that the buyer would know you are really annoyed.