How do you say Louis Vuitton when you speak it out loud?

  1. I have always said "Louie" -- my grandmother only carried LV bags and she would come over and say something like "Can you put my Louie on the chair." I've complimented others by saying "I love your Louie." I told my hubby "I just ordered a new Louie."

    Online, I write LV.

    The other day someone asked me about my "Vuitton" purse and it threw me for a moment!

    Even the 800# for LV answers with Louie Vuitton.

    So, just curious is all. Do you say "LV" or "Louie" or "Louis" or what?
  2. I say Louie....some of my BF friends make fun of me and say "oh theres you Ooooo-wee bag..."
  3. it is vuitton for me or loui vuitton.
  4. i say louie or louis vuitton
  5. I say Louie too!
  6. I say Vuitton. SOmetimes I said LV and my friends would think I mean las vegas...LOL
  7. I say Louie too!!
  8. Bag
    "Please hand over the bag!"...
    "and nobody gets hurt."
    That how I always say Louis Vuitton. ;)
  9. Louie, as it should be ! Or Mr. V.
  10. I say "Get you dirty hands :censor: off my bag!!!":lol: But seriously, I just say my bag.
  11. wow, am i the only that says LV?

    I say "that's my LV bag" or " I love my LV bag" or "I'm going to the LV store tomorrow..."

    never thought about it!
  12. But are you pronouncing it
    Louie Vi-tohn ? ;)
  13. LOL for some strange reason i can see that happening :smile:

  14. Otherwise I say Louie
  15. I think its lew-e vee ton