How do you save up?

  1. So now that I have my first, I want another.

    I'll need to do some serious saving, and need some inspiration.

    How do you save up for your next H purchase?
  2. I'm knocking out all frivolous purchases, such as things I randomly go 'oh I want this!!!!' on :biggrin: Now I'm just going to keep telling myself how good it felt to try on the bag of my dreams :love: Yeah I'm a cornball :p
  3. I've sold mostly all other bags in my collection...and try to keep my numbers down and to continue the "one in, one out" rule...
  4. Yes! I am in the process of doing the same.
  5. Selling everything I can on eBay (well at least I'm making the huge box up...I'll actually get to it one day I hope).
  6. I'm trying to do that too >_> I have so much stuff that I just don't want anymore, including a bunch of jewelry that I've outgrown. But I'm sooo tired of shipping packages out! Getting rid of one of my wardrobes took 20 separate packages and long waits at the post office :wtf: I'm considering getting a big box of stuff and passing it along to one of those Sell-for-you eBay drop offs (they have one in Charlotte I am curious about!) :idea:
  7. I forego a luxury like hair coloring.
    I cannot sit in a chair for 2-3 hours getting my hair highlighted, lowlighted, so I have skipped it entirely. Come to think of it I haven't had a haircut since mid September 'cos I want long lustrous locks, but my hair is still very short :crybaby: . That's a saving of like $300 right there.
  8. I stop buying other designer bags...well, I try :shame:
  9. i plan to sell my other bags and then, with bf willing to pay for most of things, that helps too... hehe
  10. No more IT bags ... Less designer wear ... less pairs of shoes ... maintain a speadsheet of my expenses to keep in view of where my money is going to, and any rolling monthly budget surpluses, I will then consider if I want another H bag.

    What I won't compromise is fine dining ... I am a foodie :drool:
  11. Simple! I just don't eat! Just kidding. I don't have much expense as it is. I make sure 90% of my income goes toward my checking/saving/retirement funds as well as any normal expenses (which isn't much). The rest goes to my Hermes funds. I also don't buy any other brands anymore.
  12. I've sold almost all my non-H bags, and I'm also selling my H bags that I don't use. I've cut down enormously on clothing expensises aswell....I'ts hard, but every time that I'm tempted to buy something, I think "$$$ less towards my SO's" it usually works....:rolleyes:
  13. i only go shopping when necessary and thus my purchases are really spaced apart.
  14. making a list of what i truly want/need while i'm at home so i'm not tempted or distracted by unnecessary desires. this helps keep my closet more coherent/uncluttered as well.
  15. I've bought 9 balenciaga+2 Chanel in 2006...

    In 2007 I'll buy 1 Birkin +1 Balenciaga +1 Chanel