How do you save up??

  1. Hi Ladies (and gents)
    Just wanted to throw this out there...

    I currently have my heart set on an Anna Corinna City Tote. I have about $50 saved so far and I need roughly $490ish (I am going to Luna Boston since I live 30 min from the city...that way I can save on shipping!)

    But I was wondering how you guys save up for the purse that you really want. Right now I am putting $50 away from each paycheck I receive (we get paid every 2 weeks which sucks but also helps me to save)

    I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who has an awesome savings plan they use...

    Thanks in advance! :p


    sighhhhh...I want one!!!
  2. I have a secondary checking/savings account with a credit union - they automatically deduct a pre-set amount from my check each month (I get paid once monthly!) and since there is not really a local branch or ATM near my home, I rarely use the account. This is the only way it works for me - I have no discipline. It's somewhat "out of sight, out of mind" right now.
    Thankfully, with this method When I feel the need to shop like a madwoman- there's a small pile to spend! :yahoo:
  3. hey, I also eBay things that I do not use anymore. like I'm THINKING about getting the ipod touch, which means I will sell my current video ipod if I do. just a thought- get rid of the bags you're replacing.

    like, I just bought a fendi spy, so I sold a cole haan I never use anymore (selling) to have money toward this purchase (along with saving and selling other things that I never use anymore!)

    accumulating things is never good. always replace.
  4. i m saving to buy a great purse when i go to nyc this spring. basically, dh and ii haev a certain amount of spending $$ a month. i m basically saving half of mine.

  5. Yeah my BF and I just moved in together and that is what we are doing as well. We both get to set aside money for things we want to save up for. He is saving for a brand new top of the line computer and I am saving for purses!!!

  6. While that is a good idea, I could never part with any of my babies!! It is a good thought though and thanks for your input!!! :yes:
  7. Depending on what bag I'm saving up for, I'll buy a gift card from that store (Gucci for example) everytime I get paid. Some Paychecks I can afford alitte more than others. Once I've saved up enough of them I head to the store. I have found this is better than saving the cash because something always seems to come up and the cash for the bags is the first to go.
  8. I clean out my closet onto eBay... I have a worse clothes buying problem than I do bags, so if I haven't worn it in a year then onto eBay it goes (I have to give it a year because I'm in Canada, and there are 4 very aggressive seasons, lol!) Sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I get! I recently turned some movie memorabilia, a Lululemon bag and a Nui dress into a fabulous new designer bag, also bought off ebay, and therefore at a better price. It was like "trading" - no $$$ out of my pocket!
  9. That's a fabulous idea! :tup:
  10. By not spending it on every other handbag I want.
  11. Well, not spending money on other stuff is key for me. Going to school to get a job, too, really helped...
  12. When I was still in school, I used to bring a lunch to save some extra money. I also sold some of my older clothes to thrift shops.
  13. I'm of the "replace" philosophy. I make myself stick to a certain number of bags only and when I find a new one I want, I get rid of older ones. Selling things on ebay has really helped finance my terrible bag addiction!
  14. All of the money I make now ($12/hour) is expendable income since my parents pay for my food, gas, tuition, etc.

    If I know I want to save up for something, I just don't go to other stores that might distract me from what I really want. Say I want a new Chanel wallet, then I wouldn't even bother going to clothing stores. When I go shopping, I'm a compulsive shopper and buy whatever I see that I want without thinking twice about it. By not going shopping in the first place, that saves me a whole lot of trouble.

    Once I have the money saved up I go straight to the store that has the item that I want and buy it.
  15. I sell items on ebay as well to help fund items. I also put $50-$60 a paycheck (roughly $100 a month) away into a "bag stash" that surprisingly accumulates very quickly. Before you know it you have saved a pile of $$$ for a bag in addition to what you got from items you have sold.