How do you save up to buy LV?

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  1. Im interested to know how hard for LV lovers to save up money to buy LVs?
    Do you like to go to buy LVs on your own or with other people?

    For me...UM:supacool: I write it down which bags i want to buy for this years and then start to calculate how much i have to save up each month. Sometimes i only had to save for a month for some bags like monogram line but sometimes i took me 3 months:sweatdrop: like my favourist mc line.

    I usually go to buy LVs on my own and i have to run back home before he's home :P because my husband doesnt know that i spend rediculous amount of money for handbags.
  2. I also figured how much I'd have to save monthly for my new bag for my B day gift in May. I also plan on paying off my credit cards for a backup plan.
  3. My husband and daughter, both, chipped in on the bags I just bought! One thing you might consider, however, is finding a way to make a little money (legally, LOL) on the side, to support your habit. For example, I make 'extra' money on Ebay selling items that I no longer need or want.
  4. I starve!!
    I find though it's easier now than before because I think I love LV so much more now that I don't want to buy anything else so it makes it easier for saving $$$ because nothing else appeals to me so strongly than LV!

  5. hahahah that's really funny :biggrin: ...

    I usually save, but end up blowing it on something else
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    I know what u mean... im the same, dont wanna look at anything else and dont go out much (no new clothes, cosmetics and less food)...just concentrate on saving money for LV bags.
  7. I'm avoiding going out to the outlet malls to shop on the weekends. That's saving me a little bit of cash. I also try to eat out less. In general when I go to buy something I ask myself do I really need this? My hubby is good about saving money and putting some aside for my addicition (currently its LV). But I do have to wait until May to buy anything. When I get good grades, LV is my reward. I could probably buy more bags, but dh and I are saving for another trip to Mexico, so it wouldn't be fair for me to buy stuff all the time.
  8. one dollar at a time! hahah.
  9. my DH bought all my lv for me. usually, i went with my DH bcos he will pay for me. :P
  10. At the end of the month, when I get paid, I divided what I get, half of it goes to pay the uni and some extra classes I have to take, then the other goes for save for the future and the other is for spend in what I want.

    And for bags and things I want I save, most of the things I have I bought them with my own money, my mum makes me pay all since I work hahaha

    You can save 100 dollars every month and soon buy some stuff from LV.You just need to plan how much to save and when
  11. Oh i forgot to tell... i keep staring at the bags that i like from LV website everyday, it helps me to concentrate saving up for them.
  12. I save my "blow-it" money every week.
  13. I work at a movie theatre thats where I get my money
  14. my dbf buys all my bags for me.. so when he has extra cash.. thats when i get spolied :graucho:
  15. exactly