How do you save up for two jaw in Korea?


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Dec 8, 2018
Hey ! so ive been wanting two jaw surgery for a while now. my jaw goes way too far back and it starts to hurt. I want to get the surgery so bad in korea along with V-line surgery , but the price is so overwhelming and I dont feel like Ill ever be able to get it. Im only turning 18 this month so please understand.. im not here to complain or something , genuinely looking for tips :/


Sep 12, 2018
Working full-time (and having a uniform) helps to keep my spending on clothes under control.
I started setting aside a fixed amount (whatever that would allow me after food, rent, car payment etc).
I just buy necessities or "staple" items that pretty much pair with everything and I would still want to wear a year from now. Or if it's something I really want, save extra (and hopefully by the time you have enough, maybe it went on sale, so cash it in and save the rest haha)
For impulsive purchases (food on the go, that SUPER CUTE ITEM I "HAVE" to have) I try to remember if it's worth getting that right now or saving for the surgery. For food motive, I'm actively trying to meal prep and eat healthier to maximize my results for v-line so it helps to think that and not get fast-food, not that I promote starving yourself to get save money for surgery!
If you need to spend, spend smart. Coupons, during sales, (like right now leftover shampoo bundles, shower sets etc will be super discounted after Christmas-if you live by yourself/with S/O) will also help!


Jul 26, 2018
Hey! I'm only 20 so im pretty young too. I started saving up when i was about 15, through a part time job. Like Kioku says, its all about budgeting. I dont feel like i really missed out on much because i was able to budget properly. I did have moments where I splurged but a lot of spending was minimal, reminding myself that surgery is 100% more worth it. I started working two full time jobs when I turned 19 and thats when I really was able to save the most, that one year of working I was able to save more than working a part time job from 15-19. You can do it!
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Jun 30, 2018
I don't know what your money situation is like - if your parents support you / will be paying for your school, rent, etc... but it's all relative. Put away as much as you can each month - anything extra after you've paid your essentials.

Stop buying non-essential items - extra makeup, clothes, etc. Stop going out to eat. When hanging out with friends, try to plan activities around free things: baking, watching movies at home, going hiking. (When it feels like it sucks and is restrictive, remember why you're doing it and that it's temporary!)

Get a job, or a second job. Sell clothes or furniture (Craigslist, phone selling apps, Buffalo Exchange). Offer to take people's donations (stuff they would've taken to Goodwill) and sell it or hold a garage sale.

For every birthday / holiday either request money, or gift cards / things that are necessities (shampoo, grocery gift card, gasoline gift card) that you would've spent your 'essential' money on that month.

Set goals - the goal you want to have saved up, and a realistic monthly savings goal. It's okay if the monthly goal is small, if that's all you can save at the moment. It won't always be that amount... eventually you can get a new job, or an additional job, or a higher paying job. As for the goal you want to save up, you'll need to factor in a few things:
  • Cost of flight
  • Cost of hotel / AirBNB
  • Cost of surgery
  • Cost of food / water / transport / etc
Make the goal more than you think you'll need, because there will always be unexpected expenses.

It's going to take time, but that's okay. Focus on doing your research right now into the surgery / clinics.

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