How do you save to fund your next purchase?

  1. Hi!
    I was do you save and on what do you save to fund your next designer bag purchase?

    I graduated in october and now I'm working.

    I earn a new graduate salary, but still I love nice bags.

    Until now I used a little of the money my relatives gave to me as a present when I graduated, all the same I would like not to erode all of it....and save a little of my salary every month to fund a chanel 2.55 bag.

    How do you save? Any smart plan?


  2. Congrats on graduation!!

    Your name is the same as my daughter's. Are from Italy?
  3. Yes I am!!! I work in much temptation around me when it comes to bags & shopping!!

    How nice your daughter is called Chiara...have you italian roots?
  4. I love Milan.

    My daughter and son were both born in Italy. My hubby has Italian roots.
  5. I have no savings :sad: But lately, I have started selling stuff that are still nice, but no longer suitable for me. That has helped to fund future purchases.
  6. I try and sell all that I no longer have a use for or don't like. This Sunday I'm selling my old fridge, which should finish up my savings for that lovely Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch I've had my eye on for so long.
  7. selling my bags or clothes is not an option...I buy bags & clothes to build my wardrobe...i usually don't buy overly trendy bags...

    I used to sell neckalces & other custom jewelry pieces I made on eBay....but now I'm working long hours and don't have too much time to create & I wanted to know what do you save on and how you keep from spending the bag-money in other ways...

    I thought about keeping it on a different account so that I know that x% of my salary goes to the chanel saving account ;)
  8. I usually buy with my AMEX and pay it off the next month.