How do you save for LV?

  1. I doubt I'm the only one here that sufferes from luxorexia (practically starving for hot clothes and bags), but I was wondering how all you guys manage to save up for your gorgeous LV's - any tips?;)

    I'm a full-time uni student and work 2 jobs on the side as well, but whenever I seem to save for a Louis my bank account seems to be empty....I've been thinking of starting up a LV jar....kind of like a swear jar except whenever I fantasize about an LV bag I could whack $20 in.:idea:

    What do u guys think? Any ideas?:hrmm:
  2. I don't buy a bag every week. I only buy them when I get a good deal unless I really really really want it. I will go out and buy it, but that usually takes about 3 months. If I still think about it then I will get it. If not then I'm glad I didnt spend my money on it.
  3. For a while what I did was sell a bag to buy a bag. It's hard to have a large collection when you are a college student. But if say you buy a papillon, after a while you get sick of carrying it, you can resell it and purchase something new. I also bought a new limited bags with some extra saved up cash and was able to sell them for higher prices on eBay after they discontinued.
  4. I usually put a hypothetical couple hundred bucks towards my "purse-fund" per month until I couldn't hold-out anymore. Most of my buys were impulse buys.
  5. hey lv_obsessed, you just got another vote for luxorexia!!! haha Is that a real disorder?!??!? lol Yes...I starve too lol, but I'm happy cuz I know i'm losing fat AND saving for bags!!! isn't that awesome?!?! lol Anyhoo, to be more realistic, I am also a university student going to, yet without all the $$$ yet, lol, so I'm currently working on minimum wage during the summer, then I'm hoping that I'll get some scholarships to satisfy my thirst for LV bags! :biggrin: Oh ya, one more thing, I'm looking for a "bag bank" (like a piggy bank, but for bags)...I saw one on Teen Vogue a while back and have been running all over town trying to get a similar thing lol
  6. If I want something, it is helpful to not keep my money lumped in with everything else. I need it separated... the whole out of sight out of mind thing.

    Recently I started deducting money from every pay check and recording it in my little written check book ledger so that when I want something new I have a little extra $ to apply to the purchase (cuz I sincerely doubt I'll save all before I purchase). But by recording it in my ledger thing, I can look at my balance and it already shows that money gone so I don't ever think of spending it.
  7. I put aside fund for my bags in the envelope with label LV..I put $20 $50 $100 anytime I have spare $$$ from my other expenses.
    I always pay cash for my bags...
  8. Im a full-time uni student too, and almost all of my buys were impulse buys~!!!like yesterday, i went to LV store for just a zippy wallet, and ended up buying a BK MC koala and wapity~!
  9. i'm a full-time student too, but i have 2 jobs on campus, and whatever money i earn goes to my shopping fund. my parents also send me money every now and then, and that's when my impulse purchasing occurs, like my beat-the-price-hike purchases on Sunday :shame:
  10. I love your LV Jar idea! I think I'll implement that to stop myself from buying. I've been buyingon impulse since the start of the year and it's reaaaally not doing me any good.
  11. I'm a student too so my collection is pretty small for now. I work as a server part-time; I throw all my tips in a big jar and use it to pay off my CC which takes a good hit here and there from impulse buys :smile:
  12. hey lv_obessed - i've got a bank account for bags! i can't withdraw money from it automatically! i have to actually go into the bank and do it and then they charge me like $5 on top! i put in at least half my paycheck in it every week! i can never decide what i want from LV, so i hope i'll get some idea soon!!!
    good luck on your saving scheme!!! :smile:
  13. I always set aside HALF of my income for discretionary shopping - eg. bags and other major purchases, and put it away in some soirt of high-interest savings account.
  14. i try to save half and then hint hint hint to my bf about a bag...and he usually puts of the other half! hehe

    but yah, just refrain from shopping and spending stuff i don't need! i don't get bags all the time, i'm super picky and usually only buy two or three/year so its not so bad.
  15. Thanx for all the ideas!!!!!!! Yay I've got a little cash stash all set-up!!!! Now all I have to do is work lots of double shifts and lie to mum about why I'm REALLY going to Sydney in the holidays lol :shame: .
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