how do you rotate rare bags?

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  1. my first tokidoki bag ever was a tan playground BV. i got it last june when they were available on the website. It was my only toki, so i carried nothing but that for almost a year before i got another bag. then the recent TP price jack happened, and after seeing my bag go for 300 or so on eBay, i've been super scared to carry it. and it's worn, i've tried cleaning it but i've used it so much that i think it;s beyond ever looking brand new again. it's not that dirty, but i certainly don't want it to get dirtier!

    so my question is: what do you guys do with your rare bags? do you use them often? or do you just keep them for special occaisions?

    i feel like i should buy and extra freezer to store my bags in!
  2. My daily bag these days is an original stellina, and while it's in good condition, it's definitely on the used side, and needs a wash. I have a few more rare bags I don't use, because they're even rarer! It doesn't help that I'm lazy, and haven't bothered to spray them yet.
  3. I have my OP BV that I havent even used yet. Not that I'm scared of getting it dirty it's just that it's a collectors item now. I should give it some love though, I dont want to have a stash of bags with tags still attached and it looks like a museum. I saw the meomi qee go for 65 bucks on eBay and I've just replaced my meomi on my op bella with the white qee. (the only OP I use besides my 2nd gen. canguro) My foresta gioco however, I used it a grip of times when I first got it (it was my first) but then I have stopped using it since the price hike on eBay. But I love it to pieces! The leather is a bit dirty but it's still in good condition.
  4. I don't know if I have any rare bags... is an inferno ciao rare? If I did have any rare bags, I'd save them for a special occasion - like, if I want to look really good that day, or if I know I'm going out somewhere special and I'd like people to notice. I've only used my ciao once =/
  5. i think i use all my bags equally. if anything, the ones i don't use so often are the ones i like less. if i have a more rare bag & it's one of my faves, like my original or foresta MM, i actually find that i use them the most often.
  6. I guess I don't have anything *rare* maybe except my OP stellina since all OP's are collectors' items now. I only discovered toki a few months ago and prices of PG and Foresta have already soared on ebay. I love the 3 tokis I have and use them in rotation.
  7. the foresta bocce isn;t a common bag either! i'd consider most foresta stuff slightly rare. as would all you LURKERS!!:whistle:

    i think i'm going to invest in a second bv tho. i just can't bring myself to take it out anymore! too scared.

    my main reason is this: i live across the street from a middle school, and before school let out for summer i saw this girl with playground ciao ciao walking home from school, and it was soooooo dirrty you could barely tell what print it was. likke the whole thing was this awful brown color and it was filled with so much stuff that it was like all stretched was way sad, but now everytime i think of using my bv that girl pops into my head, and i just can't do it.....

    soooo i'm thinking AS or famiglia BV will be one of my next buys. it's such a convenient bag that i can't bear not having one i can use

    plus, those are both prints which i wouldn't be upset about a little wear and tear.

    i'm the opposite, the less i like it, the more i'll use it!
  8. I use a lot of my rare bags the most often, because they're my favorites. I don't ever plan on selling them, so seeing the high prices they might be going for on ebay isn't making me any more hesitant to use them.
  9. i think the high prices just scare me because i know that i won't be able to replace it if something happens to it. there's no way i can afford a second playground bv now if mine gets messed up.
  10. i am careful when i use my bags tho, not to set them down on something dirty or to brush them up against things. then again, if something did happen to my favorite bags (my more htf ones), i would surely buy them again when the chance came around. these bags are not the most expensive ones i have.
  11. I have a TP Bella and I've never used it myself but I let my mom use it once. I put all my bellas out for her and I just let her choose one.
    Other than that ... never used my OP Bella Bella yet or my foresta bella. It's a matter of me just not finding the time to use them. I bought bellas to use for special occasions. I use bigger bags for everyday use. :yes: I try my best to rotate all my bags tho ... rare or not.
  12. I think I use the not so common or rare bags even more than the others. Eventually they will all be rare ah? I dont care...i'm going to enjoy it now becuase leaving it stored will do nothing for me.
  13. all this talk about toki and moms makes me want to buy one for my mom:heart:

    i just got her this kenneth cole bag for her was black leather with metal studs on it! hahaha! she just got a harley so it's her biker chick bag. i wonder if she'd like toki?
  14. My mom told me that she loves my zucca and ciao :p I think it's fun~
  15. i think my mom would like the mamma mia. it's the right shape and size for her.....hmmmmmm:sneaky: