How do you rock your Miroir bags? *PICS*

  1. This line is wearable! Post pics of you and your Miroir bags! I used my gold Papillon today with a very casual outfit:

  2. ^You can't really see in the picture, but my top has thin gold stripes.
  3. Looks great Michelle!:flowers:
  4. u look soo cute michelle:heart: and ur papi is so damn gorgeous :drool:
  5. Looks great Michelle!!
  6. Cute!
  7. You look great michelle!
  8. great outfit Michelle!
  9. Hot Hot Hot!
  10. gorgeous outfit! i love it... you look awesome.

    *sigh* i wish i could wear shoes like that here... it's freezing, unfortunately!
  11. Michelle you are Gorgeous!
  12. Cute!!!!!!!!!
  13. Look absolutely HOT on you..
  14. that's HOTT! are those citizen jeans? HOTT!!!!
  15. you look great and this just proves it can be used as a daily purse. :smile: