How do you return charge send items?

  1. I have to return one of the items I got two weeks ago. The problem is, I got it from Nordstrom by calling a SA. It was my first time to get a bag in such way and I'm not sure how the return process works.

    There is a Nordstrom about an hour drive from where I live and I thought of returning it there. Then, I remembered they do not carry Chanel. Would I still be able to go upto their customer service and do a return even though they do not carry it? Or is the only way of returning it would be sending back to where it came from?
  2. ^I was in the same predicament a few times and can lend my experience.

    I buy my bags via charge-send from Nordstrom Seattle. My local Nordstrom doesn't carry Chanel, but I can go to the handbag department with bag and receipt and have the return processed. The s/a (or dept. manager - some stores request a manager be present) calls the Seattle store and issues a credit to my charge card. They have to ensure the hologram sticker and authenticity card match, and if you have the original box, the hologram is noted on it as well.

    Call your local Nordstrom before making the 1 hour drive and ask for the manager of designer handbags. She or he will be able to assist you. The customer service department at my local Nordstrom would not process the return at their desk. It had to be done in the handbags dept.

    It saved me hefty shipping fees to return to my local store versus UPS it back!
  3. I have never brought Chanel from Nordstrom but I have done charge send from Saks (my local Saks does not carry chanel bags) and my local Saks has gladly accepted my returns.

    oopps...I just noticed roey's advice
  4. Call the Chanel Nordstrom's where you purchased it and they'll instruct you on how to do it.
  5. I just did a return about a couple of weeks ago to Nordstrom also. I had a bag that was sent to me from MOA and I returned it to my local Tampa Nordstrom (who does not carry Chanel). It was done as a strait return, no managers involved. The sales girl was glad to take the return because she said they don't get Chanels and people would probably be fighting to get the bag so she had no qualms about taking the return. She said it will count against her store but she said it didn't matter because she would sell it quickly. Sure enough, a week later I was back and asked her about the bag and she said it sold the very day I returned it!
  6. You can return the bag to any Nordstrom store...just have your receipt. The SA will call the Nordstrom you bought it from and take care of it for you. The only thing to remember is that the credit will be done at the Nordstrom you purchased it from, not the local store. They will mail the receipt to you. I have done it a couple of times and have never had any problems. They are wonderful to work with.
  7. what if you're not in the U.S.? how do you return charge send items? i've not been in such a situation so far but who knows in the future... anyone has any idea? kindly advise please, TIA!
  8. Thank you ladies. It feels good to know many had good experiences with Nordstrom. :smile: I'll call up the one near my home and ask what can be done.
  9. I ordered a few bags from Nordstrom MOA. I returned a few to my local Nordstrom, which does not have a Chanel dept. To ensure that the bag would be returned to the SA that I worked with (and therefore not lose his commission by giving him the opportunity to resell it), I returned them at the CS desk, not at a handbag counter. They then called the SA to confirm that he wanted the bag shipped back for return and processed it right there. Very easy!
  10. You can return it to any Nordstroms store and they will send it back to the original. If you live near a nordstroms this is your best bet, because the money is credited faster to your account.
  11. You shouldn't have any problems, I have done it before at Nordstrom too, and they handle the shipping of it back to the original store. My Nordstrom in SF, had someone who wanted to buy my Chanel bag as I returned it and they said they were not allowed to sell it through their store, but could call the original store and have them ring it up to resell it, so in case in the future you have someone who wants to buy it, they can do it. They can however, sell designer handbag brands, that they don't carry if they are markdowns. I am not sure why this is the case, but from my experience this is what I have seen.
  12. OK I guess I am the only one who had an awful experience returning to Nordstrom... there are TWO nordstroms near me (wash. DC) and neither were helpful. The first said they do not process returns since they do not carry Chanel (charge send from MOA) and sent me to handbags... I had my receipt but not my nordstrom card so the manager said she could not process the return. she also said that they couldn't process a refund right away - they would have to send it back to MOA and I would have to WAIT for them receive it and process my return.

    Since I didn't have my nordstrom card, a few days later I went to nordstrom at tysons and tried to do my return at the handbag department there. the SA had to call MOA and i literally waited for 40 minutes or so. she claimed that they would again have to ship the bag and i would have to wait for my return. all she gave me as a little piece of paper and said that i would have to trust that it would get there and to expect my return in 5-7 business days... i was hesitant to do that but at least i had that little piece of paper...

    two days later, the bag comes BACK to me at my house. i'm thinking WTF??? i called the store, very upset this time, had to drive 40 min BACK there, wait for 20 min, ... the SA says i'm so sorry this happened THIS time we will do the refund for you immediately. she tells me she is waiting for a call back from MOA. i said fine i'm going to lunch, come back, and she says sorry their manager said we cannot issue a refund right away, we will have to ship it out again to them. the entire process i was really patient but then i got mad... it was utterly frustrating. long story short, they finally issued my return, but to be honest, i will not buy chanel from nordstrom again and will stick to boutiques/NM/saks...

    sorry for the long post!
  13. Like beana's store, my local Nordstrom cannot resell the bag; they have to send it back to the Seattle store for resale, but they do issue the credit right away by phone and Seattle mails the receipt to my home. I am always asked which credit card to credit back; even though I always use my Nordstrom card they will credit to Visa if I ask.