how do you respond?

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  1. If you have something listed at a BIN or best offer and someone asks "what is the lowest you will accept?" how do you respond?

    Am I the only one who thinks it is annoying?
  2. It depends how many days are left - if very little time is left i would tell them an offer you're willing to accept if you really want to sell the item.

    Yes its annoying :smile:
  3. ^ good answer.

    My favorite reply is: "What's the most you will pay?"
  4. LMAO
    I just may have to write that back :smile:
  5. Your answers better :lol:
  6. I'd ask them to make an offer.
  7. That is a "nice" version of Karmen's suggestion.

    Thanks Swanky :tup:
  8. I tell them what my auto-decline is for my store items.
  9. "Feel free to make an offer and I would be happy to consider it."

    What I don't get it all these people that Watch my 30 day store items for weeks. It is BIN OBO...why not just make an offer? If I decline then move on! People are nuts.
  10. I thought mine was supA ZweeT :cutesy:
  11. Well, I don't think asking is as annoying as what just happened to me today.

    I had someone ask what the lowest amount is that I would be willing to accept, replied "Submit a bid that you believe is fair and reasonable for consideration and I will review it later this evening". The same person started bidding low, getting the auto-decline for amounts that I have set, then bidding a higher number and RETRACTING it!! the reason was "I entered the wrong amount". RIGHT!!!! that's why you entered bids in $25 increments up to that point.

    I know this person ONLY did this to find out the minimum bid that would be acceptable. That part just bugs me.
  12. i almost spit out my hot cocoa!!! :nuts:

    as my grandmother would say - "ask a crazy question get a crazy answer!"
  13. That just blowZ. What a waste of time...