How do you respond to rude questions?

  1. The question I hate most is "is that real?".

    This is from people referring to my handbags! One time, I was in the mall carrying my Burberry bag, when a girl comes up and tells me she loves my bags, asks where I got it (I answered Holt Renfrew) and, "IS IT REAL?". Recently, I was shopping, and the saleswoman was looking at my wallet, scarf, and handbag, and made some comment on the number of "designer items", and then "ARE THEY REAL?"

    Has anyone ever been asked this? I personally get really offended as I would NEVER buy a fake, nor do I think I appear to be using fakes...what do you do?

    I don't want to be rude, but...
  2. I would say : Yup, they are fake and you can fnd them @ Holt's.
  3. I remember when I was teaching & was at a staff outing, I had my LV bucket bag. A colleague, teachers are notoriously mean & frugal hahaha what was I doing in that profession? as Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman "Big mistake" LOL. Anyway this rude person asked if my LV bag was real and an even more rude colleague piped up "of course it's not, real on a teachers salary?" I was so furious!! They might have been dependant on teacher's salary I wasn't! (Was only there until I completed a research fellowship!) But I am useless at thinking on my feet & I just stared dumbfounded at their ignorance & said nothing. Of course since that I have said a million things in my head but missed the boat to put these rude people in their places!!!!
  4. you say.....Ill tell you if you tell me if your boobs are real...then walk away laughing....
  5. ha ha...Jill, that's hilarious! (I'd probably run than walk though).
    BagAngel, I also know this guy who keeps making jokes to other people that my bags are fake. It's AWFUL and it makes me so mad. I also hate when people ask how much I spent on handbags, wallets, etc.
  6. When people ask me how much I spend on purses

    my answer is

    never enough!
  7. Quote=Jill;1777077]you say.....Ill tell you if you tell me if your boobs are real...then walk away laughing....[/quote]

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. Well, I guess if people asked me, I'd try to take into account their tone and the fact that they don't know me. A lot of people do buy fakes, so it's not unreasonable for the random person to assume it might in fact be a knock off. They also might be curious as to where they could buy real bags in the area. Now, if their tone is conscending or pretentious, it's a different story. "No, it's not fake... unlike most of you!"
  9. I'd ignore them. Who gives a rat's ass what they think?
  10. I can never think of anything to say when people are rude like that & then obsess over it forever:crybaby:

    And my MIL, the queen of rude & tacky questions is coming to visit in a few weeks, so I should start planning responses to things like:

    How much did that cost -- asked about everything from tiolet paper to shoes to real estate.

    Why do you -- asked about everything from coloring my hair to going to graduate school.

    Why don't you -- asked about everything from not eating a lot of fried food to want to have more children.
  11. it depends on how obnoxious i feel like being at the moment lol
  12. Maybe some of the other threads have gotten me into Security Mode even more than usual, but rudeness aside, I think that anytime anyone asks you if something is "real," meaning is something a high-dollar value item, the most prudent answer is "no, of course not."

    I have some faux bling that consists of very old rhinestones. If you have never seen any, these are not like the modern Swarovski crystals, although they are made of glass or crystal, the way that the faceting was done back in the day, by hand, makes these rhinestones indistinguishable from diamonds unless one is a jeweler with a loupe.

    While some of the stuff contains very large stones in very elaborate settings that no matter how real they look, obviously, anybody who had real diamonds like that would not be me, or anybody walking around without a bodyguard, and only someone who did not really think it through would think they are real.

    Some of the necklaces I have, however, are very simple, for example, one is just a single strand of small stones, so small that it would not be unthinkable that they were diamonds, and every time I have ever worn them, I have indeed been either asked outright, or comments and compiments have been bestowed indicating that the observer consiered the stones to be diamonds.

    I only wear that necklace now to family events, not only because I do not wish to be perceived as wearing diamonds, but because frankly, I do not feel comfortable wearing it in public for security reasons!
  13. I LOVE Jill's answer!! you're so witty!! teach me!!

    I'm not confrontational so i'd probably just go "what do you think?" and just grin at whatever they say and walk away. in that way, you're not offending anyone or anything. it's very awkward though and i get mad and VERY ANNOYEd when ppl ask me that question. it's like didn't anyone teach you manners??
  14. :roflmfao: You're so funny, Jill.. love it!!!
  15. Agreed. I ususally just ignore rude comments... I've never really been asked if my stuff is real... even when they do ask they're being nice about it.