How do you report fakes on non-selling sites?

  1. I’ve recently seen a rash of Coach bags showing up on sites where they’re not normally sold. How do you go about reporting it if they’re not posting information upfront, but you know they’re selling and the bags are fake? Please mods don’t move to eBay forum, because it’s not on an eBay site. (I don't know if I can name the site, but it's not bad. :shrugs:)
  2. Thanks. I just hate to see people get taken for ridiculous amounts of money on a fake. :tup:
  3. I'm curious as to which site this is so I can make sure it's one I'm avoiding...
  4. I PMed you.
  5. Thank you for that =)
  6. Ok. You pulled my arm. The site I’m talking about is Flickr. Not the site as a whole, but a few members who have figured they would go unnoticed. I did a search for Coach bags (just to view bags :biggrin:), and among photos of real ones, I saw the most fugly ones I have ever seen. They post little to no info about them, but have ways of getting in contact with them. I’ve already reported one person on there to Coach. Hopefully this will stop others, but I doubt it. :shrugs: