How do you report fake bags on German eBay?

  1. hi,

    just wanted to report this fake gucci but i can't find the link to report the auction. i swear there has been one before but i can't find it anymore... :push:

  2. Another tip:

    I never report for fake handbags, I use the fraudulent listings choice and say in the text box that the seller sells a fake handbag as authentic which is a crime. I have the feeling that eBay reacts quicker with those reports, kwim :shame:
  3. ^ great, thank you!

    das ist die nummer:

  4. Keine Ahnung!! Good to know now :smile:
  5. so, is this the correct choice?
  6. I think so...Looks fine to me.

    I'm kind of stumped on the Unterthema.

    Could be "Moeglicher Verstoss gegen das Markenrecht" too, or??
  7. I always use

    1. "Angebote mit möglichen betrügerischen Absichten"
    2. "Angebot möglicher betrügerisch/unseriös - Sie haben aber nicht geboten"

    Then click on eMail, enter the item number and say something like:

    Der Verkäufer verkauft eine gefälschte Gucci Tasche als Original.
  8. ^ okay, thanks again!
  9. oh wow - never knew how to do that. and a few times I thought items should be reported.... thanks for sharing.