How Do You Report A Seller Selling An Obvious Fake Bag?!?!

  1. i was browsing eBay for a stam today when i came across this hideous listing:

    This seller, 9636Christopher, is selling what he claims to be a "100% guaranteed authentic" marc jacobs stam in petrol blue but HE GOT HIS PICTURES FROM BAGAHOLICS.COM which sells all fakes!!! just from looking at his pictures you can tell---the R in MARC has a curved leg but if it's real it should be straight!

    so how do i report this guy? i tried contacting the high bidder to let them know that they're bidding on a fake but the bidder info is all hidden. UGH MAKES ME SO MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  2. Scroll down to bottom of listing.
    There's a link to report.
    Follow directions.
  3. It's easy. At the very bottom of the list, click on report this. Then choose "copyright violations and counterfeits", then "potential trademark infringement" , then "counterfeit handbag."

    Then - when the next screen comes up, where it says "email eBay" or whatever, click that - an email will have been composed for you, you can't add anything to it (except more numbers you're reporting), click send and that's it!
  4. thanks so much guys for all the info!!!! i followed your instructions but the stupid listing ended so now it won't let me report this scumbag!!! UGH. will just have to keep an eye out. haha i've become such a bag nazi...saving the world one counterfeit bag at a time.
  5. @mancho, I did report it on time, couple hours before it ended, but I do not see that anything has been done to it.....

    I feel bad for the highest bidder too....
  6. I also was able to send the highest bidder a message with a link to this website, to warn her
  7. I reported it as well.
    Lets keep an eye on this seller
  8. I mailed the highest bidder, and today I got a response from her, she asked for the real pictures of the bag, apparently those were horrible and she will not be paying for the bag, we saved someone.