how do you remove a stuck lock

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  1. my daughter's speedy has the lock on it but she has lost the key its a 312 lock and there are none on eBay I had thought Oh Ill just buy another 312 then open it but there are none. so Im thinking ok ill just buy another lock set...but how do I remove the one on there now any suggestions please :O):confused1:
  2. I think many ppl on here have suggested visiting a boutique for a spare key.
  3. Metal cutters
  4. Exactly my thought, cut it off! Just be careful, don't hurt the bag!
  5. I have experienced this and just returned to the store and they removed it and gave me a new key & lock for free:tup:
  6. uhmm dont try the metal cutters first. It's an LV lock!:sad: Go to a boutique and ask if they can open it and get a key (+lock?) if not... go for plan B - Metal cutters...