How do you refrain from buying?? And stay on ban?

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  1. :confused1: *sigh* Alright folks, serious question here.... (And as a side note, I tryed searching for this, and all I found were links with enabling! LOL...)

    How do you refrain from buying? And if on ban, how do you stay on ban??

    I'm asking, because I have bought so many items in the past month... I really just need to stop to I can ENJOY of them... but them something pops up that I "NEED", or the rationalization is that I can get it now (since of course this item won't be around if I wait!), and then hold back later... When is later going to be??

    I am thinking of going on ban here, after a few more purchases, but my question to those of you who may be able to refrain - how do you do it?!?!? I know good sense tells me, there is no reason to have all kinds of stuff sitting around, if its not going to get use... But for some reason, my good sense keeps getting overshadowed. I haven't gotten to that point yet... but it is headed in that direction....

    Similiar thread, yet no answer:

    Does anyone have a solution? Or good rational? Or am I just outta luck here?? (And not visiting PF isn't an option... ) :crybaby:
  2. Well I'm on a ban because I bought a car last night and I now have an additional $10k debt and a car payment, which scares the hell out of me.
    Everytime I want a purse, (the last few weeks since I've known I was getting a car) I think about how much of a POS my old car is and how much I enjoy the new car and I'm okay with the ban. I still look on eBay and in outlets sometimes but I haven't actually bought anything yet.
  3. ^ Good point Bethy... I am getting ready to start grad school, so maybe when I realize that I am going to have to take out loans for that, I will QUIT...

    I just think I don't have a distraction right now... I can't find a PT job around here... School doesn't start until May.... If I actually get an assistantship... that won't be until the end of the summer...(And chances of that are slim, so then we are back to #1, can't find a PT job...) :sad:

    I am hoping going to visit my momma in February will give me a little reality check and get me in gear, she can do that! Now... what to do during the 3 weeks until then...:sweatdrop:
  4. I am in MI too bubbles, long time married here, hubby has been having fits with my buying. I don't work, I am forever taking kids places etc. So I got a nice bag for xmas and he says for what I paid for should tide me over for quite awhile lol
  5. I know how you feel. I can't help you because i'm in the same boat:sweatdrop: Good post!
  6. ^^ That's what my hubby says too... We have been married for just over a year, but we don't have any kids - so I think I feel bad right now too, like I am shirking my marital obligations....

    He thinks that buying a nice handbag is a good investment, ... 1-2 times a year... He doesn't understand the shoe rack in the closet, or the purse bins. I guess my thing is, I don't want to feel bad for purchasing things or feel like I can't use them around him...

    I guess I may have half answered my own question... The best way for me to go on ban - and STAY on ban is to think about the other people around me... :hrmm: That won't work entirely though... I really think there has to be some sort of method, or incentive system involved?? Please, share your wisdom in this area if you can clue me in here!
  7. Thanks Betty Boop... we should make a support group for the self-imposed bans!! I mean... it sounds so easy,... but it really isn't!!
  8. Hmmm... well, I kinda put myself on a ban... but to me that means no impulse purchases... even if I love it... only items I really really need (like that Sig Stripe Crossbody I NEEDED for my amusement park trips). I still go to religiously and check out eBay but I haven't purchased anything. I did go into my local Coach boutique two days ago and although my heart started POUNDING as soon as I walked in, I went straight in, checked out my SS Crossbody, talked to my SA and LEFT. I know, I know... its hard not to pick up a little something but I tell myself I have so much to enjoy and nothing is really jumping out at me. I just tell myself that I don't need anything... though I would love to have it all! Its hard. If you're thinking of going on a ban to achieve a certain goal, keep reminding yourself of whatever it is that you striving for. If its because you feel you have too much (is that a possibility or am I getting better at lying to myself? Haha!), then enjoy what you currently have and give it about a month (or however long you need til you REALLY fall in love with something and feel you JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT) before you treat yourself again.

    Sounds like I didn't help much...

    Maybe I'm just punishing myself and not buying anything new cause when I went searching for a black/black Ergo Signature Tote, both of my Dillard's were sold out of 'em and I have been :crybaby: and :hysteric: since! BTW, has anyone seen one? :graucho:
  9. "...has anyone seen one?"...
    ^ LOL... :roflmfao: okay, see this is my rational too... Now... how do I get rid of that....

    I don't think necessarily that I "have too much", I just think I amassed it in "too short a time period" and its more than I need at one time... Yes, you can rationalize (as I have to myself), that you are getting alot of things out of the way, and then slowing down... But the problem with that is - I see no slowing down in sight, in fact the "needs" are actually picking up steam... and getting more expensive, I might add...

    I want to ban... but I know I am going to fall off the horse as soon as something pretty pink or gorgeous blue gets flashed in front of me... How do I stay on the horse....?
  10. ^^I know how you feel, I over did it during the PCE event, and have yet to enjoy all of my accessories. Even selling and returning them didn't help. I am happy though because the fold over wristlet I bought then will go perfectly for my new ink day.
  11. hi di!!! well as you know, it's hard too for me to stay on a ban, but the only thing that stops me from buying is when hubby gave an ultimatum that he will cut off money when i buy something (like COACH, etc.) for one and a half month and then if it's more expensive ( like LV, Bbag..) then 2 mos. punishment.. that's what keeps me from buying items :crybaby:imagine not having MOOLA for quite sometime? i hate that PUNISHMENT from hubby!!! :hysteric: grrr!! and since i am a housewife and can't work yet ( you know the story, DI) so that's the reason for banning myself.... HUHUHU!!
  12. Angel... maybe that is what I should do to myself... make up a time scale, that if I buy "this" then I have to either sell "x" number of items or not buy certain things within a certain time period... Hmmm, your DH might be onto something. ;) (Not what you wanted to hear, I know...)

    I can't let DH in on the "punishment" though... cuz he would faint, then when he woke up... he would lock me into a closet, with no computer or connection to the outside world... No one wins in that situation... :yes:

    Maybe if I set a goal... like a date in the future that would be my buy day? (Ok... yes, that is what a ban is, isn't it... I guess I'm catching on here...) And hey! I could set it conveniently around the time you would be off ban too Angel~! Just in time for a little "MI Pfers Shopping Day!!"... Hmmm, then I would have a goal, and incentive at the end... I might be onto something here!! :graucho:
  13. I am in the same boat. Unfortunately or fortunately, however you look at it :confused1: my husband is really supportive to a fault and let's me get what I want. The problem is, we are in debt and I want desperately to get out. The only thing I do that makes me feel better since I don't swap purses out much, is when I buy a new bag I usually sell the one I have been using on eBay. Most of the time I have MADE money if you can believe that. :yahoo: It works well for me because when I buy the bag I can't do without... then in a few weeks or months I am craving something else... so I usually swap around. Anyway, I need professional help!! :wtf: :p :wtf:
  14. I put myself on a ban after I received my CC statements from last PCE and the after-christmas/new year's sales. The balance was so high I almost fainted!

    I've got a pretty good sized collection (24 bags), so I surveyed all my bags in the closet and pretty much decided I fulfilled my needs of different colors, sizes, leather, signature, cross-body, shoulder, on-the-arm usages, etc. categories. I tell myself that I won't buy another bag unless it's nice enough to replace another bag from my collection. It's tough sometimes though!
  15. When I was on a ban, I stopped going to Coach or I still came here but i posted on other forums, like television or general.

    One way to look at it is, if something should come up during your ban that you want, by the time your ban is over....A. you will be able to get it on ebay for cheaper or B. you wont want it.