How do you reason spending $1600 on a handbag?

  1. Ok, I consider myself a fairly intelligent individual with good reasoning. However, I am strongly considering dishing out $1600 for a handbag. Over the past year, what I considered to be a reasonable amount to spend has gradually increased. However, the most I have ever paid in the past for a bag is a few hundred dollars (probably $350 max). The bag I want is the Jimmy Choo Maddy bag. It's a very hard find, which makes me want it that much more. When I told my boyfriend, he flipped. He thinks I've gone completely insane for "wasting my money on a freakin' bag". Not to mention, I'm a grad student with a limited income. So, even though I know it's not exactly practical, how can I reason spending this much? How do you all reason your spending?
  2. You shouldn't have to reason it. If you can afford it and pay all your other bills, then you should treat yourself to it. If it will make you happy and you don't have anything that you need to pay with the money, go ahead and do it.

    I have the same issue with bags that high, but if I really want something, I'll do my darndest to get it.
  3. I don't reason-I just think I deserve it! LOL
  4. I don't have alot of bags but the ones I do have I either saved for or my husband bought me as a present. I think elongreach said it well.
  5. if you can buy it without using a credit card, and not have to go without major necessities (like food and rent) then you should not have to worry about it.

    the most i spent on a bag was 1400 and i used a credit card to buy it. so i could not afford it, and i'm paying for it now in more ways than one. it's not worth it. but in the last year, i haven't used any credit cards - i pay cash for everything, which means i can't afford to spend $$ on bags, but what i do buy, i know i have earned.

  6. ^^ITA! I spend what I can afford because I know I deserve it.
  7. if I have the money, I buy it because I want it.
  8. I dont reason, I just make sure my bills are paid my kids are well taken care of and then say "well Im worth it". Give it a try, its fun!!
  9. To me, when it comes to spending big such as designer handbags I question myself if I really NEED it instead of WANT it b/c I live on my own and I have extra expenses I pay for my parents so I'm very careful when it comes to spending any kind of money. The most I've spent was around $350 as well but if I can afford it and I know that I'll get a good use out of it, I don't see why not.
  10. The most I have spent on a bag is $850. I thought that was absurd and the most I would ever spend. Now I really want (really really) want a bag that is about $1200 I think. I never imagined I would spend that kind of cash on a handbag - but I will probably be getting it in the late spring. I agree with - as long as you and your family are not starving and in debt, a little splurge like that is worth it. You only live once.
  11. I haven't, can't, and probably won't. The most I have spent is 750 and to me that is a heck of alot of money. Past a certain amount of money just how much more quality are you going to get? Or is it just a name you are paying for at that price. Is the leather on a 1000 dollar bag appreciably worse than on a 1600.00 bag? Is a 4000.00 bag made out of gold? There is a limit to me.
  12. The way I can rationalize it - is prior to finding this forum and the wonderful people here, I was addicted to buying high end cosmetics. I spent at least $200 a month on cosmetics for the past 4-5 years.

    Now I have my fill of cosmetics (and enough to last me for years and years) and I am taking that same money and saving it up to buy two nice bags a year.

    It's kind of hard to save money when I am used to a more constant and immediate satisfaction for my money but I know it will be a better investment in the long run. My handbags will last for years and I will only buy what I really love. I don't mean investment in terms of the bags gaining in value because I don't have that expectation but I know that if I decide to sell something in the future I will get some return on my money back as long as I buy classic bags and take excellent care of them. My current obsession is with Balenciaga bags. Peggy
  13. I don't have to rationalize it beyond the fact that I want the bag. IMO, if you do, you probably shouldn't be spending the money. As long as you can afford it without going into debt or severely compromising the rest of your lifestyle, then go for it.
  14. I don't have to rationalize it: I'm worth $1600!
  15. My reason is mostly because I want it, and in order for me not to turn into a shopoholic and also not feel guilty about it I promise myself to always take out 10% of any luxury item I buy and give it to charity, the rule is I can not buy the item unless all that money is on hand (ie. I've saved up enough for both the item and the charity!)