How do you really feel about "used" bags?

  1. I've never bought a used handbag, but I know so many ladies have gotten the bags of their dreams off of eBay or consignment stores. Does it or did it ever bother you to buy a second-hand bag? Do you clean it when you take it home?

    -I'm asking this because just now am I considering purchasing a used bag from eBay... but I'm not 100% convinced that I won't be bothered by the fact that it's not new.

    (sorry, is this totally lame? feel free to say so)
  2. I've actually never done it but I have no hesitation should the occasion arise. I have to admit that eBay does give me pause! BUT - even today susieserb and I were conspiring about a capsule Paddy on ebay that was in a brown dome shape and it had a crystal lock and key. It was so weird?! The person selling it was an employee of Paypal as they had to disclose and it was the first and only item they had ever offered! They had a BIN for $400n - LOL! Well - it was yanked. I was seriously sweating buying it. I HATE ebay for making us squirm like this. But if the used one was a heavenly '05 something or other (and endorsed bya PFer that I recognized) and even if it were lovingly used- well then..... Sure beats a phony!
  3. I cant do it! The way I look at is like shopping at the Goodwill! YUCK IMO!

    You know how it is when you encounter a used has that other person's "smell" on it and its like....the previous owner has already staked her claim, made her mark, etc....I like knowing where my purse has been, what it has been through, and all that good stuff. Then again, I have been called anal on more than one occasion!
  4. gung - that's how I feel too. I'll pay the extra $200 and buy brand new or wait for a sale and not fret over authenticity. I mean, I wouldn't wear used shoes... so why hang a used bag on my shoulder.

    -i was hoping for people to say it's not a big deal, but it's odd to me.
  5. There's used and then there's used though... I have a few things I'd say were 'used' out of politeness and honesty, but I don't ever remember taking them out of the house (just assume I have). If it looks like it's been dragged through a hedge backwards though, then heck no!
  6. i'm slightly ewwed out, but it's not like its a bathing suit or underwear imo. i couldnt buy some designers at straight retail, so buying 2nd hand is better for me. i also like shopping at thrift stores...not a financial issue, i just like unique things, both clothings and bags.
  7. This topic comes up pretty often. There are quite a few members on here (including myself) that don't mind buying second hand. Pre-loved bags don't always mean beat up, dirty, etc. Some styles/brands don't hold their re-sale value very well so if you can score a great deal - up to 50% off barely used authentic bag - then why not take advantage of that?:tup:
  8. I have no problem buying used as long as the bag is in good condition. There are some amazing deals to be had out there, and many bags waiting for new loving homes!
  9. I love getting a great deal on a "gently used" bag, as long as it doesn't show any real damage or have any strong odors. Also, second-hand is the only way to find some older or discontinued items. I like to think of it as recycling. On the other hand, there is nothing like a little "retail therapy" and coming home with a shiny new bag all wrapped up in a pretty box and ribbon;).
  10. I don't really like used bags unless they were handed down by my mom. Other than that I am too afraid about hygiene issues. I wouldn't want a bag that someone else had touched and used extensively. Even though I know the new bags may be touched as well, there is a difference between long term use and just mere touching for the sake of packing the bags and whatnot.
  11. :tup: I would just always wonder "what did she put in it?" You never know if there was poop (I've seen a ton of women stick dirty diapers in purses designer or not) in it. I don't want others germs. I want to feel special enough to be the (first) only owner. Besides, imo, there's never really good deals on used bags in good condition. Usually not much less than retail. :rolleyes:
  12. It's funny you should say that. Any time I'm in store and see a purse on display or that can be touched (i.e. not in a case), I always ask the SA for another from the back. I don't like germs.
  13. As long as it's in excellent condition/clean, I have no hesitation buying used. Ideally, new would be great, but if I can spend less, or find what I am looking for that wouldn't be available to me new, then I would definitely buy used.
  14. There are very few situations in which I would buy used, but there are some. I will never purchase from ebay again, that's for sure. Many people have great luck there, but it seems luck is exactly what it is and I am not willing to risk it any longer. But there are some reputable resale sites and there are some bags which are no longer available new.
  15. If it was gently used I would. I've sold some bags on Ebay and had to list them as used even though I might have used them one day. As long as the bag is in great condition I see nothing wrong with it. You can get great deals on bags you might not have been able to afford.