How Do You Read Your Magazines?


How do you read magazines?

  1. Front to Back

  2. Back to Front

  3. Flip Randomly

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  1. I usually read my magazine's from back to front and then again from front to back.:flowers:
    What about you?
  2. i look at all the pics first, then i read the most intresting stuff then i go back a slowly read the articles that i don't care for
  3. OMG - I thought I was the only one who flicked back to front then read it front to back.
  4. I'll flip through them and remove all of the subscription cards. (To have them fall out while you're reading drives me NUTS!) Then I'll flip through it and glance at things that might interest me. THEN, I'll read it from cover to cover.
  5. :roflmfao:Im not alone!:roflmfao:
  6. I first see the pictures, and the ads, and then read the articles I like, and then after 2 or 3 hours I read the rest of the articles!
  7. look through whatever I find interesting, that's why by-lines are so impt to me...
  8. i try to read from front to back but i usually will flip through it first just to look at the pictures when i first get it.
  9. first time, i flip from front to back for the pics
    second time, i flip again to read small articles
    3rd time, i read the article that interested me
    4th time, i read everything
    5th, 6th, 7th and so on, just the pics
  10. i do a super quick flick - front to back and then i flip randomly... i just like looking at pics eg/ spot the bag! hehehe!
  11. hehe, I do it kind of different.

    I first flip through a few times and look at all the pictures and read the side boxes. Then I wait a while (probably a day or two) and then read through the whole magazine, lol
  12. I never flip through it..I like to look at pictures while I'm reading the magazine. Front to Back!!
  13. I absolutely thought I was the only person who read my magazines backwards! DH thinks I'm crazy! :P

  14. That's exacatly how I read them too! :smile: I had those annoying little pieces of paper stuck in random spots!:yucky:
  15. I go from the front to the back...but when I first get the magazine I usually quickly go through the whole magazine and look at all the ads, and then usually proceed to read the interesting articles.