How do you read the Date/Serial Code?

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  1. Theres a serial number at the bottom of the Coach creed embossed on the leather patch/tab inside Coach bags. Anyone know how to read them? A SA simply looked inside my bag and could tell what month and year it came out. Thanks!!
  2. I don't know about the month but I think the first part where it will be F or S than 07 or 06 stands for the season and the year. F06 mean it was a fall 2006 bag.
  3. hmmm I have a bag that says F08A11- that doesnt make sense....:confused1: is it because my bag was purchased at the outlet? its a soho pocket flap satchel.
  4. did you ever find out what F08A11 meant?
  5. This should probably be moved to the Shopping section, as that's where the authentic threads are, including ones that talk about how to authenticate and how to break down your Serial #'s.
  6. Please do a search - there are several threads that address this already. Thanks! :yes:

    The short answer:

    The first letter = the month code. A=January, B=February, etc.
    The following 2 numbers are the year 06=2006, etc.

    The numbers after the dash are the style number. If the numbers after the dash start with an F, it is a made-for-factory outlet style.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.