How do you read new messages only?

  1. Okay, I feel so computer illiterate. When I return to a thread that I've looked at previously, is there a way to view just the new replies since I last viewed the thread? Sort of like how eBay's forum works. Because right now, I'll view a thread, come back to it and have to scroll through to find out what the last post was that I read. Thanks so much for any help.
  2. hi, click on subscribe when you go advanced.

  3. Oh ok. Thanks so much! :smile:
  4. actually if it's been a short time {like a couple of days} it'll automatically default down to the last thread if you give it time when the thread loadds.
    It does for me anyhow, even on different computers.
  5. i just click last post and it usually takes me to the first unread. or then if you click on the thread name and click the first unread link at the top that works too.
  6. awesome--thanks so much guys! :smile:
  7. When you enter a thread, there is a small "View First Unread" in the top left corner of the first post on the page. Click it and the software will take you to the first unread response.