How do you read date stamp?

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  1. I have a Birkin bag with a stamp which is an A inside of a circle. I read a post saying A-Z in a circle would be 1971-1996 respectively. That would mean my bag was made in 1971 but it is a Birkin and they weren't even being made until 1984. I'm confused!
  2. might help if you posted a pic of the stamp so we can take a look. Can you post pics?
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I had a very difficult time getting a good photo because the flash makes the leather appear shiny. I hope you can see it.
  5. Kim what you posted above is correct. The Birkin was first made in 1984. Your bag is dated to 1971. So not only is the datestamp incorrect but the hardware is never screwed on like that.
  6. I second HG on this.
  7. So, I understand that you are telling me that this is not an actual Hermes Birkin bag, but most likely a knock off?
  8. Unfortunately, yes.
  9. Thank you very much for your honest answer.
  10. ^^^^^^I'm really sorry.:sad:
  11. :sad: me too.
  12. C'est la vie! It was a gift so at least I did not spend my hard earned money to purchase it! Still, the thrill of owning an authentic Hermes ......
  13. Sorry about this :s, Kims Red Birkin
  14. Ha! Welcome back!!!!!!!! You have no idea how much you were missed!!!