How do you react when you are touched by people who you don't want to touch you?


May 16, 2006
In my town, our Weihnachtsmarkt opened up yesterday. We were walking around yesterday, and this lady came up to me (I kind of know her, but not very well) and hugged me and rubbed my lower stomach and asked how I was doing and how everything is going with the baby.

I kind of stepped back, shocked that she even took me in her arms and started rubbing my stomach...I didn't know how to react. I was very short with her, told her I was fine and walked away. My mother's aunt said that I was very rude and I should go back and appologize to that woman, but I refuse because I don't even know her and I don't think she had a right to rub my belly.

Maybe I'm being a bit emotional and *****y (seems pretty like me these days), but was I in the wrong the way I reacted? I mean...I didn't yell at her or anything. I just told her that I'm fine and everything is going okay and walked away.

What would you have done?
I don't think you were rude. She had no business touching you when you don't even know her. I would have probably pulled away if some stranger grabbed me. It would probably actually scare me, because I wouldn't know what their intentions are.
It's sad she didn't even ask, but I would have had the same reaction as you, you did absolutely nothing wrong.
Your body is your personal space, other women should be more sensitive to this stuff.
I was told by my sister-when she was pregnant-that a lot of women came up to her and wanted to touch her stomach because it is considered good luck-however, I get the feeling that this particular superstition wil die out in most places, unless it is widely practised, because no one likes being closely approached by strangers?! I would dodge if I saw someone coming, but it may very well be an accepted thing where you live.
ITA. You don't owe her any apology. It's YOUR body and that woman violated your boundaries.

A few years ago I was walking through the perfume department in a store and a woman literally GRABBED my arm as I was walking by and started rubbing this horrible scented lotion all over my left inner arm while describing how 'wonderful' it was. I still remember how awful it smelled and it took forever to get that scent off. It was SO completely out of line, arrgghhh!
i cringle.

and i give them a death look.

seriously. i hate when people who don't know you start touching you! to me it's an invasion of private space.

i'm sorry that happened to you!
I would have looked at her with a sad face and just picked up a lice medication at the may want to pick some up now too...ROFL....

Thatll stop her from touching anyone for a while..hee.hee
When I was pregnant, strangers would start a conversation and would touch my belly bump...LIKE I WAS A FREAKIN' BUDDHA! I hated it so much that I would just not make eye contact to anyone so I can avoid people.
She might think it's okay to do that but you don't think it's okay and you're the one getting touched so no, you were not being rude.

I tend to just freeze when things like that happen to me. I freeze then detach myself from that situation and run as fast as I can! Not a good method but that's how I deal with things like that unfortunately.