How do you rank your designer purse?


Mar 9, 2006
Let's see...
For me

Chanel - I think it's really popular.
Hermes - I rank them my no2 because their bag a little hard to get.
LV - Now they are my number 3 because everyone can have it.
Dior - Purses from them are Hot! but not for everyone.
YSL - I just think the name is really in my head.
Fendi - Same style over and over, but they did a good job with Spy.
MJ - Conservative.
Gucci - Same pattern different trim.
Coach - Any shape , any style from any high end coach have it!
D&B - Umm... made in USA.

Sorry for some of the name I'm not mentioned.
I just want to leave room for everyone to help me out.
What you said about Gucci is funny but kind of true. I love Chanel because they're very luxe looking without requiring logos. My favorite is LV because every bag is so well made, and there are so many lines and colors to choose from. Selection is unbeatable. I think Dior is insanely overpriced, considering a similar bag with any other line is not only cheaper but more well-made. Dior bags in general look and feel cheap to me and don't warrant the high prices. Hermes bags, other than the cult Kelly/Birkin, is not very attractive to me. Nice to admire on other women, but too boring for me to own. Fendi I usually associate with older women, and is not for me.

I hate Mac Jacobs bags the most. I will never buy a Marc Jacobs bag. I like sleek and classy designs, and the exterior pockets and shiny buckles that are a signature on his bags don't do it for me. I also don't like the Chanel-esque quilting on recent bags. Vernis and Suhali are two of my favorite lines at LV, but the other stuff he did, like the Koala hardware and the Manhattan bag which is so MJ, I don't like.