How do you quit a message board (not tPF)?

  1. Yesterday morning, I left different message board and I'm interested in how other people have handled this process. In my case, I suddenly realized I had little in common with the other members. I simply logged on, left no public message and deleted my account. I then set my email spamguard to filter out any future messages from the group. I have not logged back on the site as a guest and do not intend to in the future.

    What about you? When you quit a message board do you do so quickly and quietly, or do you leave a public statement voicing your displeasure?

    Do you permanently delete your account or just slip away, reserving the right to rejoin the group at a later date?

    Do you quit the group cold turkey, or do you sneak a peak every now and then, logging in as a guest?

    Do you stay in touch with people from the board or do you sever all ties?

    And finally, have you ever rejoined a message board you officially quit and did you regret your decision?
  2. umm if after i joined a message board i decided that the people there weren't people i had stuff in common with and i didnt want to post there then i would just not visit that board anymore, i dont even think i would bother deleting my account or anything, i just simply wouldnt bother reading that site anymore.
  3. I've went through stages where I don't visit certain message boards very often and I just drift away and don't post anymore there.
  4. The easiest to go about it is to set your email settings in your profile options not to receive any notifications, disable receiving emails, log off and don't visit the site anymore. This is what I tell tPF visitors all the time when they ask how to get their accounts removed because they don't want to be a part of it anymore.

    Fine by me, but try to refrain from posting "Goodbye" threads. To most forum moderators those are just attention-whoring threads that are unnecessary. Nobody really forces you to post on any message board, silent log-off-and-leave departures are always the best way to go about it. If you ever feel like resurrecting your account in the future (if the site's still around), you can then choose to do so.
  5. Good questions, better answers!!
  6. What Vlad said :yes:
  7. If I lose interest I just stop posting and looking and fade away.
  8. OMG do people seriously post "goodbye" threads when they're leaving a forum?
  9. Oh ya!
  10. Just stop posting.
  11. Goodbye threads are more like "I hate you all, but please tell me to stay + how much I'm needed and loved here!". :lol:

    I usually just slink away, sometimes make visits back to a forum once in awhile if I feel the urge.
  12. My response to that thread would be...Dont let the door hit ya on the way out! lmfao!

    I guess Im a leaving forums virgin(lol!), this is the first forum Ive ever actually posted on, and I could never leave! lol
  13. That is *exactly* right on! It is so dumb. :cursing: Anyway, yep, what everyone else said....just stop posting and stop reading.
  14. Sad! surely people give them heaps - how could you expect to post an "i'm-over-this-forum thread and not have people clue in to your attention seeking game?!

  15. I would only leave a 'goodbye' thread if there was some reason that I couldn't post for a long time, or just to say something like 'I'm getting ready to deploy and I will miss all of you until I can come back and post' or something, but only for the reason of deploying and not if a family emergency came up...I would just write to my friends when I got back.

    If I was leaving a forum for good, I would just leave quietly and write to my friends to tell them I loved them and to keep in touch if they wanted to!