how do you put perfume in an atomizer?

  1. I bought marc jacobs daisy, and I wanted to refresh during the day....

    I bought a little atomizer, but how do I open the perfume bottle?

  2. i may be wrong, but if your marc jacobs is in a spray bottle, i don't think you'll be able to put it into the atomizer. those are usually designed for purfume oils. maybe someone elese will be of more help to you... good luck.
  3. Here is my perfume atomizer to explain it with:

    If yours look similar to mine, all you have to do is pull off the outer part (in mine would be the crystalized part) and it would reveal the glass bottle. Then you would just twist off the top part (the atomizer part) and fill the glass bottle with the perfume you want. If the perfume comes in a spray bottle then you would just spray the perfume into the glass bottle.

    Here are some more pictures to show you the steps:

    (pull off outer part and reveals glass bottle (arrow pointing to glass bottle underneath))

    (twist off atomizer part)


    Sorry about the huge pictures...

    Hope that helps!
    perfumetut.jpg glassbottle.jpg
  4. you don´t know, how to get it out of the MJ-Flacon, right? If there is no twist off you only can spray.... I use it with a funnel. It´s workout for my finger :smile:
  5. I decant all the time! Perfume junky that I am... :p

    If your bottle of perfume does not unscrew, you really do have to spray it. The more you do it, the better you get! If you don't care about keeping the bottle and you only bought to decant it, then you can remove the sprayer but I'm guessing you want to keep the original bottle intact.

    If it does unscrew, this is the best way to decant to an atomizer: use a drinking straw! A regular straw is usually too big so use those little coffee stirrer straws (these are what I use).

    Put the straw into the bottle of perfume and then put your finger over the top. Keeping your finger over it, remove the straw and put it into the atomizer and let your finger go -- the perfume will go into the container. You'll have to do this a few times to fill it up...
  6. Ahhh...capillary action :smile:
  7. Perfume junkie here too! I decant all the time! I prefer little decant sizes, so I don't have to keep opening my big splash bottles, letting air in.

    I use pipettes. I hate funnels. They tend to spill. If the original bottle is a spray, I just spray it into the smaller decant.