How do you put on a buy it now price if it wasn't set in the first place?!

  1. I posted two handbags for bidding both with a reserve price, but I have been getting questions from buyer asking me if I have a BIN price.

    So I'm wondering if anyone has any experience re: adding a BIN price after the bidding has already started?!
  2. you can't....not possible once there are bids
  3. you can edit the auction if there are not any bids. if you accept paypal, you can invoice the buyer, if you've both determined a BIN price, and sell the item off eBay. i've done both...
  4. I dont' recommend selling off of eBay, or ESPECIALLY buying off of eBay. There's no protection for either of you when you do that
  5. If you cancel the bids, you can edit the auction and add a buy it now.
  6. that's not necessarily true - if you use paypal, you are protected, especially if as a buyer, you use a credit card and if you're a seller, the buyer has a confirmed address.
    i've done it before without a problem. whenever you buy or sell to a total stranger over the internet, it's always a risk...
  7. Nicole, I totally agree! I have sold and bought off of ebay 100s of times with great success. Like you said, it's key for buyers to use a CC and for sellers to only ship to confirmed address with signature confirmation.
  8. Ok.. I got it now.. Thanks so much!
  9. you could also have them bid the BIN price and immediately sell to high bidder, i did it on a wii
  10. i like selling outside of ebay. less fees involved.