How do YOU protect your handles from getting dirty?

  1. I have a relatively light colored bag (camel) and I am a bit paranoid about carrying it by the handles because I don't want to get them dirty. I just don't like how that looks in pics I have seen where the bag is beautiful but the handles have darkened from oil/dirt.

    Can anyone recommend what you do to protect your handles? Do you use "for handles only" made by lovinmybags? Has it worked? Do you do nothing and find your bag hasn't darkened? Or do you just not care?

    I love wearing my bag messenger style or on the shoulder but I would like to be able to carry it by the handles too. If I had a darker bag this would be a nonissue, but maybe those of you with light/white bags can help me out. I don't want to worry about this if I don't have to.

    As always, thank you!
  2. For all my B bags, I only ever carry via the handles slung on my shoulder - never ever carried by my hand. I find it really keeps the color and most of my bags haven't darkened (only the ones that I used to carry by hand). Works a charm :smile:
  3. I don't grasp mine with my hands - I wear it on my forearm, or shoulder. There is more oil on your palms than your arm, so this somewhat protects it.
  4. Dark handles are a huge peeve of mine. I never ever carry my bags with my hand and even when I pick it up, it's from the base. It's a big issue since there's no way of restoring the color without redying or painting them. I have the handle protector from mylovinbags but hasn't used it yet. It's supposed to protect the handles from darkeninig even it frequently carried with your hands but I'd still be paranoid.
  5. I am constantly carrying mine by the handle with my hands...I totally see how someone would not like darkened handles, but they really don't bother me at all. I've wanted to try the For Handles Only product for a while, but I haven't heard too many people's experiences. I would love to though!
  6. I like carrying mine by the handles, but I dont grip the handles, I sort of let it rest on my fingers on the underside. It LOOKS like I'm gripping it but I'm not. Hard to explain.
  7. But what about a bag like the Work when you're wearing a thick winter coat for example and can't sling it over your shoulder?
  8. I have a black city, so I don't worry :P But I do condition it every so often.
  9. 3 coats of apple guard spray (drying in between coats) does the trick. spray again after many uses.
  10. I make sure my hands are always clean and non-oily when I use the handles. Otherwise, I make it to a point to use the shoulder strap at all times.
  11. Apparently sweat is a factor is well. That's what the Gucci technician said when they inspected the blackened handles on my pale rose box.

    I agree with Beverly, don't carry the bag with your hands.
  12. I use the handle protectant spray by lovinmybags and it really seems to work so far no darkening and I carry them all the time in my hands.
  13. I have been using lovingmybags for handles only (but I have only had my camel about 2 months). it is easy to apply, VERY thick cream. I apply it GENEROUSLY over the handles, let it dry, then do it again. (recommend using a hairdryer to really let it protect, but just can't do that; don't know why)

    Anyway, the color has not changed AT ALL from the cream and I use the handles ALL THE TIME (no darkening as of yet).

  14. thanks tanja and julielive! that's two good reviews for "for handles only". i think i will definitely be buying this stuff now!

    but one says spray and other says cream??

    and esile, thanks for your tip as well. i didn't know AG could protect the handles too, i guess it makes sense. this product needs to be reapplied?
  15. I think when I get a light colored bag, I will use the lovinmybags stuff and then spray three coats of applegarde or something like it on top!!