How do you protect your Cambon bags?

  1. Hi ladies!

    I just purchased my first Chanel bags, thanks to the Saks sale, and now I am wondering if I need to treat and/or protect the leather and how I would do it. Shining monkey spray is highly recommended and praised by the LV ladies.

    What do you all do, if anything, to your bags??

    Ooops, caps lock, sorry! I don't put anything on my Chanel.
  3. I beat the heck out of Chanel Flap tote..and it hasnt ONE mark...You need is worth every penny!
  4. Well that is really good to know!! Skimming through some of the LV threads makes me paranoid....a lot of people are moisturizing, cleaning with magic eraser, spraying all sorts of sprays! I have never put anything on any of my bags. Now I am waiting for my two prize possessions to come in the mail and I am worried of anything happening to them! I am mostly worried because I bought a pink and a beige cambon and I am wondering how the light leather will hold up.
  5. Cambon leather is durable, no worries!
  6. I've had my Cambon bowler for a while and I recently used Applegarde to clean it.
  7. good to know, i was hoping i wouldn't have to do anything to my new baby.
  8. nope - i havent treated my cambon bowling bag with anything and i dont think i will.
  9. Chanel SA's recommend Vectra spray IF anything at all.
  10. Both of my totes are treated with nothing. I'm pretty rough with my bags and there's still not a scratch on either.

    The leather is VERY durable, so there's no need to "baby" the bag.
  11. This is great to know as I have a black/white cambon bowler on the way and wasn't sure if I should treat it or not either! Thanks.
  12. For anyone with the Reporter bag, does the hardware scratch easily on the pockets? The silver cc's on the pockets I mean. I am wondering how picky I should be when my new one arrives later this week - when I inspect it for scratches or marks on the leather. I'm one of those people who orders two of the same bag to compare details.. kind of a nutjob. :biggrin: But there was no way I could afford to order two of the Reporter, even on sale!

    Also, my NM SA said if my bag ever needs cleaning to bring it in as they have a service specifically for Chanel bags and they come back like new again.
  13. I don't use anything, but I'm thinking maybe I should? I noticed the white C's on my black camera bag getting dirty :cry:
  14. I dont use anything at all on the Cambon bags. Elle, I use Apple conditioner on the white CC's and they clean up nicely.
  15. hi everyone...i bought this bag today, and i was just wondering if there was anything to do to protect the fabric. i'm so clumsy and i'm paranoid about getting it dirty, but it was so cute i couldn't pass it up. i'm posting an ebay link for a similar bag...does anyone else own a fabric chanel bag and what do you do to protect it? thanks in advance...