How do you protect your bottom soles when using on concrete?

  1. Hi girls!! I just bought my first pair of designer shoes, FERRAGAMO pumps "tiberia" it's gold snakeskin with a peeptoe. SO CUUUTE!

    I'm deathly afraid of using them outdoors for fear of the soles getting ruined. I also have a handbag fetish but I can tolerate handbag wear more than shoe wear, esp FERRAGAMO.

    For those girls who own loads of Louboutins or Ferragamos.. how do you protect the bottom soles if you want to use them outdoors?? Any special bottom sole covers or pads...

    This is to accomodate me should I ever want to sell it if I never wear it, I want them to look pristine with subtle wear. Thanks!!
  2. I have many designer shoes from manolo, choo, louboutin etc. and I NEVER worry about the soles. They are meant to be worn so thats what I do. If you are extremely worried about them, I've heard of some people shalacking the soled.
  3. You can ask your local cobbler to put a thin layer of rubber on the part of the shoes soles that touch the ground if you'll be doing a lot of outdoor walking. There are many different terms for it... Can you "zipsole"/"topy"/etc my shoes on the sole for me? Most cobblers offer this service.

    BUT be careful that you go to a cobbler that is experienced with designer shoes. I went to one who ruined my Dior Cannage sandals and got black rubber all over the white leather, around the edges, and the rubber is already cracking and peeling off. Now I stick to the more expensive one (quickcobbler) in Vancouver
  4. I buy Foot Petals non-skid pads in the clear color for my Louboutins now, thanks to the suggestion of another member here. I get them from Nordstroms, either in the shoes or hosiery department.
  5. Thanks for the info!
    Sparklyprincess, are those footpetalz peelable? can i take them off after they're worn out..
    About the cobbler, can the rubber layer be peeled out if I don't want them anymore?