How do you protect your bags?

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  1. Our garage was recently broken into and my husband's very loved and rare bike was stolen :sad:. Since this occured, I have devised plans to protect the other things that my husband and I love.

    How do you all protect your bags from being stolen? Do you take pics and keep receipts for home insurance purposes.

    Thanks in advance for any tips or advice!
  2. Well, my receipts are usually kept in the bag..I guess that's not smart on my part, if I were to get robbed. I was thinking of getting a safe & keep the receipts in there. Would it help if I had pictures of my bags for insurance purposes?
  3. oohh.. i'm so sorry christy.
    but i never really thought of this too, but maybe you should get the pics n the recipts put in one safe place like a safety box?
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