How do you protect your bags from dirt, water, etc?

  1. Do you spray anything on them to keep them from getting dirty? I have a fabric one and a leather one. Thanks!
  2. I have owned Gucci's for years and never used anything on mine!
  3. I also do not use anything on mine and they hold up quite well.
  4. my response is the same as all of the above. never sprayed anything on mine. Just take good care of it and you'll be fine.
  5. This is timely question since I spilled coffee all over my aviatrix this morning. I was quite upset about it, but after cleaning up the mess on the bag, the fabric looked just like new--couldn't even see where the coffee spilled. I have the sand/ebony GG fabric with bourdeax trim and my coffee was black! I haven't treated it with anything either.
  6. I gone crazy one time and washed the bag w/ mild soap and water... it is looking great!
  7. Does anything need to be done to protect leather bags from water? I just got my first two Guccis and the care information card said to simply wipe any water off with a soft cloth, but will they be okay in the rain?
  8. i'm kinda scared to use my new gucci bag because it has white trim and the bottom of the bag is white.. any tips?? i'm kinda messy.. i got chocolate all over one of my coach bags yesterday, lmao.
  9. ...lucky it was just a coach! heheh

    Ladies I'd like to know what to use on Gucci leather bag for protection, I got a off-white leather horsebit and sooo afraid of getting it dirty.
  10. i never did anything to my large biba with cream trim. It had the cream trim at the bottom and nothing ever happened to it. Still looks good even after selling it to my sister. I guess we should just take little steps like placing our purse on the back of a chair in a rest. instead of on the ground, or placing it in our lap etc... small things like that. My mom always told me to never leave my purse on the floor because it's bad luck [and i'll never have money] even when im at home, she said - always to place it on a counter or my dresser in my room but never on the, we're also asian and there are many old wives tales... who knows if it's true or not.. hehe
  11. ditto here. I never use anything on my bags.

    yep, I do that too!

    I've got a white guccissima chain and it's still in pretty good shape (only thing is a piece of leather on the horsebit turned a bit yellow -> my SA said it was the aging of the bag, so it's something I can't do squot about it).
  12. KEANE FAN - I sometimes wipe my monogram bags down with baby wipes - even the inside of them... They don't "look" any different but some dust definitely comes off... I guess just day to day dust in the air.

    AGREE with ALL comments regarding WHERE you put your bag when you go out.... I feel sorry for all those bags thrown unceremoniously onto pavement and cafe floors where people spit and dogs ****. ggrroooossssssssssssss!
  13. oh god - and public bathrooms......:throwup:
  14. how about spraying with a leather protector (like you use for shoes)? I wonder if I could spray that on the canvas GG bag also?
    Someone had mentioned scotchguard?
  15. is there anything i can put on the bottom of the bag since it is white