How do you protect your babies?

  1. I’m not talking about infants either. :rolleyes:
    I just realized today when I brought my Carly (I love saying that :yahoo: ) that the hook I usually put my bags on at work, digs into the strap underneath it. So it’s sitting here looking all pretty on two pieces of paper on the floor. So how do you protect yours?
  2. LOLLL

    That's so cute.
    If it's a bag I know it very easily soiled like my katy I take my dust bag with me where ever I go and set her on that.
    Otherwise it's on my jacket or shirt, on my lap, in the chair next to me, etc.
  3. I have a special spot cleared off on my cubicle desk at work (away from everything) that I sit my bag on. At home, I have a special chair designated for the one i'm currently using.
  4. Thank you! Duh! I was going to ask did anyone use a mat or anything. And I already have the dustbag. Forgive me, it’s been a long day. :rolleyes:
  5. LOLOL...I LOVE your post b/c I posted about leaving my "baby" in the car b/c I was afraid it would get soiled!!!! I usually put paper, my jacket, etc underneath it as my car I have a white towel I use. We are so funny how we take care of our babies!!!!
  6. that's a good idea, to keep the dustbag handy for setting on tables and such. This would be perfect for when you are out visiting and stuff. I think I might have to do that!

    Otherwise, I just keep it on my lap if I can't find a clean place to put the bag I am using... It gets kinda irritating, especially when at a restaraunt or something, but I don't dare put it on the floor, or the table if there is food everywhere!
  7. Me too:nuts:
  8. At restaurants I try and sit it on a open chair or next to me but often that's not possible.

    When the only possibility is the floor and it doesn't look "clean" to me, I actually sit my purse in my lap and put my napkin on top of that.

    Or ill actually let it dangle off the side of my chair. I have even been at restaurants where I actually let it rest on my arm like i was carrying it LOL! ;)
  9. What about a purse caddy, google it ! I know it may look stupid but it is better than getting your purse dirty and they work !
  10. :roflmfao:

    At work, I have a spot by my desk (just about the only clean spot around my desk) where I sit my bags and at home the one I'm using sits out on the dresser while the rest are in the closet in their dustbags. In class, I sit it either on an empty chair next to me or on the floor on top of my bookbag. When I'm out at a restaurant or something, I either hang it off the chair or put it in another one. If neither is an option, I just improvise.
  11. For the most part I don't baby my Coaches, if I am riding in someone's car, I usually let the purse hang via the strap off my knee. Now my LV Petit Noe? Well, it has it's own tote (Kuromi, I got at the Hello Kitty store) I keep it in if I know I am going to be using it someplace icky, and I keep a washcloth inside so it has someplace clean to lay.
  12. I used to set mine on a chair near my desk at work but the boss would move it to sit down to chat. So now I have a spot on a cabinet near my desk. (its a small office when I worked in a bigger office I locked it in a file drawer)
  13. you have a Katy Pyari? how do you clean her?
  14. I am really bad with my bags. At work I just put them on theon the floor or on the shelf next to my desk. At home I just put it on a chair next to the door or on the floor. When they are not being used I keep them in the dust bags
  15. I have a spot in my cubicle that's pretty out of the way, and nothing is ever put there but the bag I'm carrying that day. At home, the ones I'm not using are in their dustbags on the top shelf of my closet, and the one I'm currently carrying sits in the little space between my nightstand and my bed. That's the ONLY time they ever go on the floor (unless I'm taking pictures, and that happens in a very low-traffic area), and only because no one walks there.

    When I'm out (restaurant, theatre, etc.), I don't go as far as to carry the dustbag around with me, but I'll hold my bag in my lap if I have to. Otherwise they go on an extra chair or hang on the back of the one I'm sitting in. And I ALWAYS check the weather forecast in the morning. If there's a chance of rain, then I'll be carrying one of the bags that can handle it. No vintage leather or suede that day...umbrellas are great, but the wind can blow rain up under them, and I'm not taking any chances!

    Another thing I always do is leave the care card in the zipper pocket of my bags. That way I don't have to worry about keeping straight in my head which leathers and fabrics need what kind of care, and the info is always handy.