how do you protect your b.bag??

  1. how do you guys protect the leather on your bag??
  2. I've heard Apple Garde spray and conditioner work quite well. I just bought them, but haven't had a chance to use it on my bag yet. I'm hoping they are as good as others have said they will be! :biggrin:
  3. where can you pick up those protectants?? :smile: thanks
  4. I picked up mine at Burlington Coat Factory. (I had to look around for it and found a little section where they sell leather coats.)
    Online, you can purchase it here:

    I've heard not to use the leather cleaner, as it is probably too harsh for your bag-- use the leather *conditioner*.
    (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.)
  5. apple guard is what i use for my leathers... it smells great.. just allow time for it to truly dry or it will feel greasy.
  6. I use apple guard too. I bought the cleaner, conditioner, and rain/stain gaurd and I think they're great!